"Old Farts" Ticked Off
At Blake Shelton

He said what?! Blake Shelton shares his views about classic country music, and pisses off a legend.

Blake Shelton's nasty comments upset classic country croonerBlake Shelton should take a cue from... nearly everyone else in the business and learn to be grateful for his elders. His attitude toward his country music forefathers has recently landed him in hot water.

During an interview for a recent episode of GAC's Backstory about the country crooner and coach on The Voice, Shelton gave his rather bitter-sounding opinions on classic country.

“Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music,” Shelton said, adding, “And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, ‘My God, that ain’t country!’ Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jacka**. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.”

He could have easily illustrated his point a little more eloquently and less harshly, without ruffling as many feathers. Instead, he really put it out there.

Not everyone was happy about it either, including country music legend Ray Price. The 87-year-old heard Shelton's comments and took to the web, unleashing his fury on the modern country singer.

“It’s a shame that I have (spent) 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me. Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and roll type song , have a hit first time out with kids only. This is why you see stars come with a few hits only and then just fade away believing they are God’s answer to the world. This guy sounds like in his own mind that his head is so large no hat ever made will fit him. Stupidity Reigns Supreme!!!!!!! Ray Price (CHIEF “OLD FART” & JACKA**”) ” P.S. YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY AS US OLD-TIMERS. CHECK BACK IN 63 YEARS (THE YEAR 2075) AND LET US KNOW HOW YOUR NAME AND YOUR MUSIC WILL BE REMEMBERED."

Ouch. For all of you who don't follow the country music scene like it's your life: Ray Price is not someone you want to upset. If Nashville were like The Voice, Price would be like Christina Aguilera: May not be your cup of tea, but he's a legend nonetheless and deserves respect.

Blake heard about Price's rant and acknowledged it with, "Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price by my statement ‘Nobody wants to listen to their grandpas music.’”

Blake's still not apologizing for his opinion, but he did admit (and apologize for) coming off a little crass.

In a statement, he said, "The truth is my statement was and STILL is about how we as the new generation of country artists have to keep re-inventing country music to keep it popular. ...I absolutely have no doubt I could have worded it better (as always ha!) and I apologize to Mr. Price and any other heroes of mine that it may offended."

What do you think, country fans? Does what's on the radio still sound like country to you? What makes a "country" song sound country?

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Comments on "Blake Shelton's "classic country" comments earn him scorn"

Matt December 15, 2013 | 8:57 PM

Ray price was one of my favorite singers! he had one of a kind voices & could sing country or pop as good as anyone!! I met him in person once, in 1961 & he was very easy to talk with! I hate to have heard the news a few hours ago, that he died today! God bless his soul!

DARLENE DAVY April 25, 2013 | 8:08 AM

First of all, who cares what Blake Shelton says? When I saw home with Miranda lambert on the country music awards. And he said he gets to see her naked in the morning. Crass and insulting.

Donna March 23, 2013 | 7:45 AM

I'm 60 and love love the old artists. Merle Haggard is my all time favorite. Too many others to mention! Country is not as "country" as it was then but I still listen to Kenny, Tim, George, Miranda etc. But I still prefer Ray Price, Johnny Cash, George Jones. Much better than music then compared to today. Just saying.

Kathy March 21, 2013 | 2:17 PM

Blake is Blake. I am 61 years old and I grew up on country , I couldn't afford to buy records so I wasn't supporting their music. I listened and loved so many of the old stars. I have grown to love music as it has evolved. Heather you are right! I love all most music.

LB February 20, 2013 | 12:06 PM

Yes - let's look at history of country music 50-60 years from now and see who is mentioned. I'm a George Strait die hard fan, and Blake won't even hold a candle to him.

s hum February 08, 2013 | 7:28 PM

blake will not be around long.does not have what it take to be a long timer.

greg February 07, 2013 | 9:37 AM

Blake Shelton is a legend in his own mind. His words were twisted around and misrepresented? Sounded pretty clear to me. This arogant douche wouldn't make a pimple on Ray Prices butt. And he wouldn't know true country music if it bit him in his sorry butt. Loser....

Deb February 04, 2013 | 10:09 AM

The "old fart" Country music does not need to be reinvented. The only reason it is evolving is because the younger generation does not care for the older stuff so the new artists have to sell out and market to the younger generation in order to sell their music. One artist that comes to mind that has never sold out is Alan Jackson. I've seen George Strait's name mentioned several time and he is a sell out to the new generation. He was my all time favorite, but after about CD 10 or so I quit buying the music because it wasn't the country music he was producing prior to that. You have Willie, Waylon and Hank, Jr. who were true country artists and stayed true to country whether people liked it or not and they did like it and still do. I'm sure a lot of the younger generation will agree with Blake and see nothing wrong in his disrespectful comments. That might be Blake's opinion, and he is entitled to it, but the bottom line he was disrespectful to a great number of people and artists. If they hadn't come first, he wouldn't have anything to evolve into the pop music they now call country. Carrie Underwood for one, how has she ever been considered country? OMG Taylor Swift.

Larry January 31, 2013 | 9:27 PM

blake shelton is a pimple on Ray Price's butt. Just a flash in the pan. He'll be gone in a few yrs and we will still be listening to Ray Price,Jim Reeves,Patsy Cline etc.

Landis Turner January 28, 2013 | 7:28 PM

I have listened to the Opry all my life, but I prefer the cross-overs to the "twangy" songs. On the other hand, all of Swift's songs sound the same to me. She must have run out long ago ways of writing songs about how a man done her wrong. Tubb and Acuff were old traditional country, but my favorite, Ray Price, was a cross-over and innovator.

guitar man January 28, 2013 | 2:51 PM

Ray price is correct. Blake has the big head...... And it is true we need better singers and writers that love country music and you can tell it when they sing. The DJ's tell some of thier names after they play and I can't tell who was who. They all sound a like. All the super stars that made Super country Hits are not Grandpa's. This guy making fun of Country music. Couldn't carry George jones guitar case. Get a day job.

MIKE January 28, 2013 | 11:16 AM

Shelton is entitled to his opinion as we all are but he must realize that the screaming high pitched voices that profess to be country music is nothing more than artists who are not country are trying to capitalize on the # 1 Genru called country. Sure they sell records that are makeup on the sound equipment and on the stage where the instruments are louder than the voice. I agree with Ray price when he asks where will your music be in 60 years . I don't think Shelton will be able to improve his voice to be around that long. Listen to George Strait and Alan Jackson recordin of "They Commited Murder on Music Row"

Bill Shannon January 28, 2013 | 10:57 AM

I've listened to country music since i was knee high. I could name every artist and their hits. Todays country music is garbage ( In my opinon ) The artist all look alike ( Mostly sleveless shirts ,no shirts, ragged jeans, and all the songs sound the same. Classic country music will be a part of our history but this new stuff won't be remembered.

Heather January 28, 2013 | 9:08 AM

First off, Blake's words were twisted around on him and misrepresented. He was talking about people in the industry not liking the way country is now and always complaining that this "isn't country". He was also saying it in a joking manor if ya watch the video. This is much to do about nothing. Seems like many people are jealous of Blake's recente success and have been waiting to try and take him down. Blake is one of the few male acts today that does still PLAY old country songs in his shows. ALSO Blake spoke w/ Ray Price to explain his statement and he has accepted it-so NO story here.

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