Elle Mixes Up NeNe Leakes & Danai Gurira

Elle magazine's mistaken tweet is causing a small uproar on Twitter. How could the magazine mix up reality star NeNe Leakes and actress Danai Gurira?

Danai Gurira and NeNe Leakes

Elle magazine's mistake is making waves on social networks. Many on Twitter can't believe the magazine could mix up reality star NeNe Leakes with actress Danai Guirara!

The troublesome Elle tweet was sent out Thursday night, along with an Instagram photo of The Walking Dead star Danai Guirara. She looked fabulous, but the problem was the message, which read: "#NeNeLeakes looking gorgeous in #alexanderwang and @hot diamonds #ellewitv."

Followers very quickly noticed it wasn't NeNe Leakes in the photo, but rather, 34-year-old Guirara!

Eventually, the photo and description were taken down. Elle replaced the image with this message: "Apologies — clearly someone on our team needs glasses! The fabulous Danai Gurira looking stunning as ever!"

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Innocent mistake? Not everyone in the wide world of social networking thinks so.

"I guess all black women look alike huh??" one user wrote in response. Another tweeted, "In what world do Nene Leakes and Danai Gurira even look remotely the same @ELLEmagazine? Please stop with the bulls**t excuses & apologize."

A third person vented, "This makes no sense. Nene has SUPER blonde hair, she looks nothing like Danai. Epic fail by Elle Magazine." The major hair color discrepancy has not been lost on the two stars, who Yahoo's OMG! reports laughed off the mix-up while still at the event.

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"I mean — look at my hair. I’m blonde!" NeNe Leakes is quoted as saying to Danai Gurira, who laughed and responded with a joke of her own. The reality star later tweeted, "@ The Elle Women in Television event! So funny how these event work! I'm glad I know who i'am."

What is your take on Elle magazine's mistake?

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Comments on "Elle magazine's mistake: Hold up, that's not NeNe!"

Kachita January 30, 2013 | 8:28 PM

Ok, let's all calm down. Can't even tell ya how many times I've attached the wrong photo to a tweet or FB status. It happens. Some people have click fails!

Jessica January 26, 2013 | 7:20 AM

Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe it was just an HONEST mix-up?? Not everything has to do with "RACISM"! If NeNe and Danai can laugh it off and chalk it up to a mistake, then why can't some of you?! And FYI, BLACK FOLKS work at ELLE too!

Tysie Cherall January 26, 2013 | 12:02 AM

How in the hell did they mix that up??? Like really??? skin color "DIFFERENT", hair color DIFFERENT, body shape & size DIFFERENT....NO all black folks don't look a like does the folks at this magazine need glasses I mean really Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see the difference in these two women...a small piece of advice to those workers at Elle Magazine do your research and get someone to over look your work before you post it for this is like saying the Tyra Banks is Nicki Minaj come on now GET REAL people!!! that is really funny makes you wonder who has the brains at this magazine!!!

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