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In the wide and often exaggerated world of Hollywood, many celebrities fight for the spotlight. Only a select few have survived the fame and fortune with a healthy respect for class and legitimacy, making them worthy candidates for our unsung Alpha Women of Hollywood. These women don't need the limelight to know they've got it.

Our Alpha Woman theme this month puts a particular focus on women who are upstanding for what we consider "the right reasons". Now Hollywood is full of beautiful, talented people, but there are still some who raise the bar. And we're not discrediting the cut-throat nature of the industry; instead we're paying attention to the ones who work the hardest and often do not receive the sweeping applause. These stars go above and beyond the call of the camera and play an active part in society whether or not the script calls for it.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

Take Olivia Munn for starters. There's a reason she's so convincing as Sloan on the hit HBO series The Newsroom. Munn graduated from Oklahoma University with a degree in journalism and a minor in Japanese, so that scene where she "goes rogue" and slays a translator with her own Japanese isn't a voiceover. I believe that's what they call "beauty and brains".

Beyond her studious past, Munn is a testament to hard work. Sure, Munn may have recently starred alongside big names like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, but don't forget she got her break hosting Attack of the Show. Beyond that, she's acted as a correspondent for The Daily Show, written a bestseller, modeled for numerous magazines and continues to show her support for charities such as UNICEF, PETA and Stand Up to Cancer. All that, and she's still not ashamed to nerd out and dance with Ellen.

The bottom line — Munn has made it, to say the least, but she keeps her hands busy, gives back and doesn't take herself too seriously all the while. Any woman who can gain this much status without letting it get to her head is a worthy Alpha Woman in our eyes.

Keep on moving on to exhibit two.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has forever lived up to her Pretty Woman roots, enticing audiences every few years with another wonderful lead in a romantic comedy. And let's not forget that Oscar she received for her powerful role in Erin Brockovich.

She's diverse.

Roberts doesn't have a closet of secrets or bad press. Instead, she's got a reputation for giving back. From her involvement with UNICEF and her visits to Haiti and India, Roberts has a global and willing perspective — something her friends in Hollywood should emulate more.


What about Adele? An Alpha Woman with an alpha voice, no doubt.

There's no denying her rich talent on the mic and the fact she's got an underdog story makes her all the more compelling. She's returned better and stronger than ever after her vocal chord surgery that very well could have cost her her career.

She's thankful for her newfound success and recognition, though she's said time and again in countless interviews that she doesn't feed off of the public eye, she just does her own thing and stays true to what she feels — which strangely makes us want her more.

And to top it off, she's a new mom. Sadly, a lot of press rained on the parade without remorse, taking the pregnancy as a launching pad for weight and body image critiques. It takes a strong woman to stand on stage alone and belt out songs with such power. It takes an even stronger woman to take the stage and shed the heartless remarks of critics. The way we see it, they've got no room to talk until they're holding eight Grammys, like Adele.

An Alpha Woman is confident in her own body and that fact, alone, makes her all the more beautiful.

And to look ahead, we have to focus on the next generation of Alpha Women in the making.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning burst into the public spectrum with her timeless part as Lucy "Diamond" Dawson in I Am Sam, alongside Sean Penn. At the time, her role seemed to elude to an old soul deep within the heart of Fanning. It was utterly captivating to see that much control in a 7-year-old girl, but as with many childhood stars, we wondered how long that discipline would last amidst her newfound success.

Fanning's a rarity. No rehab or drama.

Fast forward to 2012, and she's 18, studying at New York University and recently starred in a big movie saga you may have heard of — Twilight. Ring any bells?

She's singlehandedly proving the potential of the youth of Hollywood, and though it's a heavy burden, she hasn't slowed yet.

Munn, Roberts, Adele and Fanning are but a few shining examples of women who know they've got it together, and the fact they don't need to exploit it is incredibly attractive. From beauty to brains, healthy humility, composure and charity, there's still room for the Alpha Woman in Hollywood.

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Rachel January 01, 2013 | 1:04 PM

Great choice on Dakota Fanning. She's young, but there's no reason she can't be an alpha woman!

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