Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Caped Crusader?

The Justice League is in dire need of the Caped Crusader. Now that Bruce Wayne's retired, a new hero has to fill his shoes. Rumor has it another Dark Knight Rises star may bring Batman to the Justice League.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Last summer, Christian Bale said goodbye to Batman. The actor spent the past seven years of his career wearing the cape and mask, and following The Dark Knight Rises, he finally bid adieu.

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy couldn't have ended at a more inopportune time. As he wrapped his story, Warner Bros. began working on their Justice League movie. Every self-respecting comic book fan knows Batman is a major member of the JLA team.

How can they have Justice League with no Batman? Don't worry, the studio is hard at work finding a replacement. According to HitFix, the new Caped Crusader could be right under our noses.

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[Spoiler alert]

Sources claim The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt could appear in Justice League as the new Batman. At the end of TDKR, Bruce Wayne passed the torch to Gordon-Levitt's character John Blake. He essentially gave him the key to the Batcave, and access to his arsenal. More or less, Blake became Gotham's new protector.

There's word that next year's Superman reboot Man of Steel might set the stage for the Justice League and the new Bats. Director Zack Snyder hinted that Justice League and Man of Steel's existence could be intertwined.

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It's a formula that Marvel used to set up The Avengers. Every character's film was essentially linked. You can't have the Justice League without Superman or Batman. That's like The Avengers without Iron Man or Captain America.

We doubt Warner Bros. would disappoint fans that way. They've got too much riding on JLA's success.

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Comments on "Has Justice League found its new Batman?"

filmguy November 29, 2012 | 4:12 PM

Anyone who reads the comics knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. I think Nolan has an interesting interpretation of the character and I'm fine with the choices that he made to end his trilogy. However that does not necessarily reflect the Batman from the comics. In the comics, Bruce has tried to step down from Batman before but he always comes back. It's who he is. He can never quit because he doesn't truly feel even alive when he's just Bruce Wayne. In many ways, Batman is his true identity and Bruce is the mask. This is why Bruce Wayne has been Batman ever since his debut in 1939. It's his obsession. If Batman was meant to just be symbol passed from person to person, then why has Bruce remained Batman in the comics for the last 73 years? Yes you could argue that there are comics that jump into the future with a new Batman like in Batman Beyond. However, in that series Bruce steps down out of necessity. He becomes too old to be Batman. He would never stop unless he died or became physically incapable of doing it. There are a lot of Nolan fans out there that claim to be true Batman fans but they would know this if they were. Nolan's series has become so popular among audiences that they look at it like it's the characters bible. Really it is just Nolan's interpretation of the character and there have been many over the years. Nolan himself seems to indicate in interviews that he intended this movie to be it's own separate universe from the Batman of JLA or the comics. It's his Batman. His Batman's story as been told and ended. Let it go everyone.

dave November 27, 2012 | 11:18 AM

Wasn't there a reference by Batman in TDKR about 'Metropolis'? I believe there is a beginning of a JLA link!

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