The Big Wigs Visit
The Vegas Strip

Vincent Savino has big plans for his little casino, and nothing will stand in his way... except maybe Mia's volatile father ( think Joe Pesci minus the F- bombs ).

Savino Makes Plans for the Savoy

Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) may seem like just another mobster trying to make money for his "organization," but really he's a man with big plans. Savino has dreams of making Vegas a powerful force in the tourist industry, especially his casino The Savoy. But first, he has to get the approval for expansion from the Boss (Jonathan Banks), and that's not going to be easy when Mia Rizzo's (Sarah Jones) father rolls into town.

Johnny Rizzo (Michael Wiseman) is a bona fide hothead ready to take out anyone who irritates him just a little. And God forbid you deliver him a less-than-perfect martini. He's also been banned from gambling by the Gaming Commission, and his presence at the Savoy has not escaped the attention of straight-edged Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid). Lamb tells Savino to get Rizzo on the next flight out of town, but that foils Savino's plans. He needs Rizzo to back the expansion and help get the Boss' approval. To keep this fiery gangster in check, Savino gives him a private suite with his own mini-casino.

Rizzo is satisfied with the suite (and even their martinis) until he realizes the card dealer is letting him win. Disturbed to discover he's being treated like a child, he throws a temper tantrum and bashes the dealer's face in. Then he storms out of the room and goes to the casino floor, where he's not supposed to be, to do some gambling he's not supposed to do. Not childlike behavior at all.

Of course, Lamb's been scoping out the place hoping to catch such a slip-up and politely asks Rizzo to leave the casino. Stubborn Rizzo refuses, and the two exchange words... with their fists. Rizzo is arrested, and now he's out for revenge.

Lamb arrests Rizzo

While Lamb's trying to take down the mob in Vegas, he also has to solve the murder of a gold medal boxer, Tommy, who was hit over the head and stumbled into traffic. Tommy was trying to help the abused wife of a fellow boxer escape from her husband. The husband found out and hit Tommy in the head. Although it certainly didn't feel good, it wasn't a fatal blow. What did this Good Samaritan in were the asthma pills his best friend crushed up and put in his drink which accidentally caused a heart attack.

Back at The Savoy, Rizzo, Savino, the Boss and several other mobsters have a meeting to discuss whether Sheriff Lamb should be "taken care of." For these guys, that never translates to "set up in a lavish room with bottle service and a free dinner." After Rizzo pleads his case, which mostly consists of "he put his hands on me," Savino directly opposes his view. Not only does he say that the murder of another sheriff will be bad for business, but he says Rizzo can't handle losing like a man. There goes all his support for expanding his casino into a gambler's haven with a five-star restaurant and a convention center.

Luckily, the Boss seems equally agitated with Rizzo's behavior, and Savino is left to fight another day as the manager of the Savoy. But if Rizzo has his way, that won't be the case for long.

Did you know Vegas is based on real characters and events? Here's a clip of Dennis Quaid talking about his real-life character, Ralph Lamb.

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