She Has Been Appearing More And More Often

The Today Show may have learned its lesson with Ann Curry, and some are saying she has been appearing on the show more and more frequently because the viewers like her. So does she hold any hard feelings toward the show?

Ann Curry

It was only a few months ago that Good Morning America scored its first win in the morning ratings war in a very long time. And when Ann Curry was let go, or "reassigned," from The Today Show, the ratings were blamed.

But some think that Curry may be making her way back to Today. "She will be featured on a much more routine basis going forward," a source told Perez Hilton. "Fans of The Today Show let the network know they missed seeing Ann, and the plan going forward is to use her more. Hopefully, that might bolster the show's falling ratings."

Hilton does not name his source, and he does not report that Curry will actually be returning to hosting duties. Instead, he reports that her face will be seen on a more regular basis. It will give Today fans (especially those that were upset when Curry left) a familiar face but will not give those fans the pleasure of knowing they were right.

"Ann is truly doing what she loves the most now, reporting from war-torn countries and bringing viewers stories of people that are affected by the destruction in the region," the source continued. "She certainly didn't like getting sacked from being the co-host, but Ann is making the best of the situation."

Many people whose dream jobs are taken from them wouldn't have acted as cordially as Curry did, so it's possible she is being rewarded for her loyalty. If she is going to keep reporting from the field as well as returning to the morning show, you have to wonder when she is planning on sleeping. But if she doesn't mind that lack of sleep, she could end up doing both things she loves. And if NBC is lucky enough, she could bring ratings to both sides of the network's news product, and people will forget the whole firing (or "reassignment") ever happened.

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Comments on "Is Ann Curry returning to The Today Show ?"

keg June 12, 2013 | 1:48 PM

I am a huge fan of Ann Curry and rooted for her to someday get the anchor job which finally did happen. I was so outraged at the cruel way in which Ann Curry was dismissed that I stoppped watching the Today Show after being a loyal follower since the days of Bryant Gumble. I am now watching Good Morning America, but must say that I struggled to switch and finally weaned myself off Today Show. By the way, I think that Willie Geist would make a wonderful co-host.

mhk March 13, 2013 | 8:44 AM

Unless Ann is reinstated and this time as the main host on the show with a better male co-host, fans like me will not go back to your piecemeal and pitiful attempts to rectify the biggest mistake NBC ever made and after you displace Jay Leno on Tonight, your network will not exist for thousands!

brenda p November 30, 2012 | 7:00 AM

As you said they just don't get it... You can't go back and redeem the today show by trying to add ann curry in a few times here and there... expecting everyone will overlook what has happened... you say this is a family show but my own family would not treat me the way you have treated ann curry...i wouldn't want to be savannah guthrie expecting her to come in and save the show...i don't have anything against ms. guthrie but she is not ann curry...just face it you are not the show you once were or maybe ever was...if you can't get it right on air what must behind the scenes look like

Peter Huwiler October 12, 2012 | 8:44 AM

Should Ann Curry be more of the Today Show I may consider to come back to watch them. NBC should not have renewed Lauer's contract, let alone give him a raise. I thought that management at Comcast was a bit smarter than they showed. We all make mistakes and admitting to it is not easy but sometimes the right thing to do. I hope that they will make Ann a bigger part of the daily show once more.

Shen Li October 07, 2012 | 7:54 PM

NBC/Today is hoping that televising Ann Curry more frequently w/bring their ratings back! Once again they're USING Ann Curry for THEIR benefit! Oh how they wish! They've really gone from the hot pan to the burning burner & now into the fire they go! Yet, they won't admit they have erred big time! Ridiculously poor management, leadership & a huge unrighteousk pride! KARMA w/continue to flow until the wrong is made right! Once again, if a child engage in devious matter, he/she is reprimanded & told to apologize! These so-called NBC/Today management, including Lauer & Bell, cannot walk the talk &, therefore, portray bad examples! Says a lot of themselves as adults and, more especially, as fathers! Shame shame for shame! If they want Ann Curry to return, which she should, then they should do it publicly & admit how they erred! Simple as simple does! Otherwise, the saga will continue & perhaps even Amen to Today & NBC! NBC/Today cannot say that they have not been forewarned!

annamom October 03, 2012 | 3:39 AM

they just don't get was the disrespect...after 15 yrs. ..Mr. lauer was never the reason to watch the Today show.....he's still as arrogant...hopefully Ann won't have to work with him...put him under the bus and see if he likes it...

S. Noakes October 02, 2012 | 11:48 PM

If Ann Curry is returning to the Today Show will she be appearing with Matt Lauer.

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