"Jagger's The Only Man I Ever Wanted To F***"

In a forthcoming autobiography, Pete Townshend admits his lust for Mick Jagger, and describes Jagger's assets in loving detail.

Pete Townshend Kennedy Center

In an autobiography to be published on Oct. 11, titled Who I Am, legendary Who guitarist Pete Townshend said, "Mick Jagger is the only man I've ever seriously wanted to f***," reports NME.

In the book to be issued by Harper Collins, Townshend also describes Rolling Stones frontman Jagger as "very well endowed" and his penis as "long and plump."

This contradicts claims made by Jagger's bandmate Keith Richards in his 2010 autobiography, Life, in which Richards scoffs at Jagger's "tiny todger."

Richards' mockery reportedly angered Jagger, "hitting him where it really hurts," as a British tabloid had it at the time.

Townshend's reminiscences about Jagger echo comments he made at a July press conference to announce The Who's fall Quadrophenia tour.

"What I remember of the size of Mick Jagger's penis — I remember it as being huge and extremely tasty," he said as his bandmate Roger Daltrey cracked up beside him.

The book, which was 15 years in the making, will chronicle the "My Generation" author's "incredible life and elaborates on the turbulences of time spent as one of the world’s most respected musicians — being in one of rock’s greatest ever bands, and wanting to give it all up," according to a statement.

During the writing of the book, Townshend was questioned by police about accessing Internet child pornography. Research for the autobiography was the reason he gave: "I believe I was sexually abused between the age of five and six and a half, when in the care of my maternal grandmother, who was mentally ill at the time. Some of the things I have seen on the Internet have informed my book," he said.

Will you be picking up a copy of Townshend's opus?

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Comments on "Pete Townshend's lust for Mick Jagger"

Guest February 21, 2014 | 7:16 PM

So what? It's around that time of developmental stage that some teenagers get urges for same play. I just can't believe that he was so brutally honest, candid and mischievous about it. Peter is a one of a kind person. He owns his feelings and is so honest about them. I crack up all the time about his disclosure about this. I think they broke the mold after they made him. Incidentally, I find Pete Townshend to be a very y/erotic man. His intelligence and personality are irresistibly y, uninhibited and freeing. But then again, honesty and passionate people are attractive to me. I have always admired Townshend from the time I started getting familiar with who he is. I have seen a picture of him as a young child. To me, I think he is one of the most uniquely and hauntingly beautiful children I have ever seen. It is a pity and sad that he was abused as a little boy. When that happens, the person typically carries that little boy/person with them afterwards. I still see the beautiful, innocent and adventurous little boy in Pete. I find him to be a very complex and beautiful person. Lastly, long live Pete. I am glad that ordeal/ offender labeling is now over. I wish people would leave him alone about that. I think that if he had done anything bad, or had bad intentions, he would tell us and tell the truth about it. Like he does with other things. One of the worst and most devastating thing one can do to a survivor of childhood abuse/ual abuse, is to blame them and accuse them of ual abuse. Such a thing abhors a survivor. And stresses them so much that it impacts their lives so very much and very badly. Pete (or anyone else) doesn't deserve that. They should leave him be. My love to Pete. I hope he is doing well.

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