Don't Get Too Close, This Track Is On Fire!

Techno beats with elements of hip-hop and pop seem to be music’s latest trend (Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna; David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj), but this is one we should welcome.

Alex Clare Live

Ever fall too close to being a victim of a ridiculous trend? I indulged in the neon fishnet fashion fad. Disgusting. And I don’t think we’ll look back on this music craze as being regrettable like my borderline “Lil’ Kim” ensembles. The masterpiece by Alex Clare entitled "Too Close" from his album The Lateness of the Hour manages to endow dubstep beats with mainstream appeal. Don't break out the fist-pumping, spray tans and muscle tanks just yet -- the song is soulful and relaxed enough to remind you of One Republic's ear-gasmic "Apologize."

The song shows no mercy as it bursts out of the gate with an eerie buildup of beats you could envision played during a race sequence in Tron or The Matrix. Then an unexpected appearance of a guitar prompts the pained, raspy voice of Alex, melting into the harshness of the wobble bass when the chorus drops. The use of live instruments were unusual initially for producers Diplo and Switch, says Billboard.

The lyrics, though simple, command your attention -- partly because of his passion when singing, but also because of the relevance. USA Today discovered the artist had a personal experience that motivated the song, where a friendship failed but had blossomed into a romance (ahem, keep in mind he dated Amy Winehouse...). I don't understand why there is so much pain involved -- don't we all want to end up with our best friend?

"And it feels like I am just too close to love you"

This song even has appeal for the "indie scene," you know, the music snobs that discover artists that don’t even exist yet? Indie and alternative rock fans rejoice, Alex Clare is a British musician who has flown under the radar and made his work unique, with influences stemming from jazz to jungle. "Too Close" is a dark, sexy song that is only now hitting the radio waves.

Just like Internet Explorer is ancient, this song was released a while ago -- and popularized during the promotional Internet Explorer 9 commercial a few months ago. USA Today also reports that when Alex Clare first released this album to the United Kingdom over a year ago, it showed little promise on the charts. Then this year, Microsoft approached Alex to use the song in the commercial and it all led to a Universal Republic deal, a release in the United States and a Billboard spot.

With a slow and seamless build, by the time the chorus drops, there's a flurry of dubstep beats that is sensational. This song finally makes dubstep accessible with its soulful elements. So get your berets and pop in your earbuds at your local cafe, sit back, relax and just thank me later.

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Comments on "Music review: Alex Clare -- "Too Close""

Alycia November 20, 2012 | 9:50 AM

But, the majority of people do spray tan, poof their hair, and fist pump to dubstep. Dubstep was a low profile type of music before shows like jersey shore. There are very few true dubstep fans and very few of them have not changed to what reality tv has made dubstep. Not defending anyone or starting an argument, just pointing out that people suck and when adults think of dubstep, they think of snookie and -ish girls ass pumping on a guys junk. They don't see the few of us who just wanna listen and move with the music. They don't see the clam and collected part of dubsteppers. They see the wangsters and hipsters.

Nikko Anthony September 30, 2012 | 4:15 PM

So I just wanted to bring to your attention that the statement "Don't break out the fist-pumping, spray tans and muscle tanks just yet" is completely stereotypical and most of the dubstep fans such as myslef are not "jersey shore" wanna-be's. Dubstep was around far before those a-holes and like most of the things they do, they copy and try to fit in with. They are stupid and copy others peoples stuff and try to turn it into their own style. Next time dont associate groups of people with a genre of music that doesnt even belong or fit them. And lastly you dont fist pump to dubstep.

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