A Probation Violation = Jail Time For Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was arrested Wednesday in New York City after a reported hit-and-run, a possible probation violation.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in New York City on Wednesday morning. It is reported that Lohan fled the scene of an auto accident in which a pedestrian claims Lindsay hit him and then drove off.

TMZ reports Lindsay Lohan was driving a Porsche SUV, and as she arrived at the Dream Hotel at a "very low speed," she clipped the "knee of a 30-something year old guy… shortly after midnight" upon entering the hotel's parking garage.

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Lindsay was arrested outside the hotel after the victim called 911 and police arrived on scene. As Lohan was arrested, sources report that she screamed, "Call my dad! Call my dad!"

She was then taken to the local police station and booked on a misdemeanor. TMZ reports that Lohan was not required to pay bail before her release from jail. The victim -- whose name is not being released at this time -- was hospitalized, but suffered minor injuries.

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Lindsay says she was not aware that she hit a man outside the hotel, and security camera footage obtained by TMZ could back up her story. Lohan denies the claim that she fled the scene since she says there was no accident.

TMZ says its sources report that Lohan feels the entire situation is a "set-up." The video footage does in fact show Lohan driving her SUV very slowly into the parking garage and waiting for a pedestrian -- the alleged victim -- to cross in front of her.

The footage doesn't show Lohan making contact with the victim nor does he show emotional stress as she drove past him. TMZ reports Lindsay also doesn't appear "flustered or aware she may have hit someone."

Lohan could face jail time after her Wednesday morning arrest since any illegal behavior is a probation violation for her.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Lohan / Twitter supplied by WENN.com


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Comments on "Lindsay Lohan screams for her dad during NYC arrest"

kevin kelly September 19, 2012 | 4:35 PM

Lindsay, you've really turned out to be a major disappointment. It's bad enough that you were whining about the fact that Amanda Bynes hasn't served jail time for her driving offenses. If you're able to think back far enough, you went through several driving AND a theft offense before you served any time, if you can call a dry-out stint "serving time" LOL. So, not only have you turned out to be a whiner, but it's been reported that with your latest arrest, you were calling for your daddy! Get real, for once. There was a time I backed you up in the face of all the other comments condemning you. I said, she's young; she'll get over this eventually. Now in the face of some very generous breaks that have been given to you, you've continued to flip the bird to society. You ARE a loser!

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