Hilton Cast To Boost Ticket Sales

Perez Hilton just landed a new gig on a major stage in a production of the pop culture satire NEWSical.

Perez Hilton cast in off-Broadway show Newsical

Perez Hilton — also known by his real name as Mario Lavandeira — has just been cast in an off-Broadway production of NEWSical the Musical. Producers confirmed Hilton on Monday and said Perez will be featured in NEWSical for a four-week run beginning September 8, 2012. While Perez Hilton is ecstatic at the casting decision, a producer for NEWSical admitted the decision to cast Hilton had more to do with his celebrity-status than acting ability.

"What do you do when your show needs to sell tickets?" asked NEWSical producer Tom D'Angora. "You bring in a celebrity." D'Angora continued, "Perez Hilton was the perfect choice because our show is basically the musical version of his highlarious website (sic). If you are a daily reader of Perez like I've been since 2007, you know how funny and charismatic he is. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him as the newest member of our talented cast."

Perez Hilton was overjoyed at the casting decision. In the press release for the upcoming run of NEWSical, Hilton revealed the role was a dream come true. "Dreams do come true, if you believe. And I BELIEVE, big time!" said Hilton. "I am beyond thrilled, nervous, and zen about making my New York theater debut. It's gonna be a wild ride in a show that guarantees to put smiles on people's faces. It will be no holds barred! Pure unadulterated fun! I expect to have the time of my life and look forward to hugging happy theatergoers after each show!" One thing is for sure, there is certainly a lot of enthusiasm on Hilton's part.

NEWSical tickets featuring Perez Hilton are on sale now. Prices range from $85 to $110 and can be purchased through Telecharge.com.

Photo courtesy of Judy Eddy / WENN.com

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Comments on "Casting fail: Perez Hilton stumbles into off-Broadway role"

Tom D'Angora August 25, 2012 | 10:11 AM

This is Tom D'Angora lead producer of NEWSical, How presumptuous to call it a "casting fail" when you have absolutely nothing to back it up. As far as I know (and I know) you are not at rehearsals every day watching this famous yet talented man work his tail off to give his fans and theater fans every penny's worth of the ticket price. I've been doing NEWSical for years and doing musical comedy for many years as have my entire creative team and we are all blown away with Perez's tireless work ethic, his enthusiasm, kindness, and talent. I would also ask you to not put words in my mouth "a producer for NEWSical admitted the decision to cast Hilton had more to do with his celebrity-status than acting ability" NEWSical is a satirical revue and if we are going to enter the world of celebrity casting we are going to own it. That does not mean our choice isn't talented. I'm quite sure the Weisslers were very focussed on box office when they cast Usher in Chicago. Yes it was a sold out run, but Usher was an amazing Billy Flynn (I saw it from the 8th row). So since you decided to just put words into my mouth I will give you a real quote. Is Perez famous? YES! Will Perez help our Box office? YES! Would I cast someone who isn't up to the challenge? NEVER! Will Perez be fabulous? Absolutely! Don't take my word for it come see for yourself... If you can get a ticket. Thank You, Tom D'Angora

Sara B August 23, 2012 | 6:19 PM

It's kind of hypocritical that people lambast Perez for making fun of celebrities. The nasty commenters on his site are doing to him exactly what they are condemning -- tearing someone down. Now, I'm not standing up for Perez by any means, but you know what? He's a person. He has an opinion. That's what we love and hate him for, and if he was totally PC about everything, he wouldn't have the following that he does, would he?

Huh? August 23, 2012 | 6:12 PM

I think it's a great choice! Only his limited haters actually take the time to log in and complain (which like Robin said, why are they even on his site if they "hate" him so much?). He's got tons of fans and even the "real" celebrities love him!

Robin August 23, 2012 | 5:58 PM

What really confuses me is IF you are not a fan why do you read his site or all the rest of you who claim to dislike him....there must be something about him you like or you would stay away...or is it just a need to be hateful and nasty...I say you ROCK Perez.....I love you...and keep having fun....you really know how to enjoy life.....xoxoxox

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