One Said, "He's A Lad, For God's Sake."

The prince was caught naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, but how much will it really affect his image among the British public?

Prince Harry

When news broke that there were naked pictures of Britain's Prince Harry floating around, it seemed like it might be an embarrassment to the royal family; later this morning, they confirmed the photos were in fact of him.

But to residents of Prince Harry's country, it doesn't seem like a big deal. The Associated Press asked Britons if they were embarrassed by Harry's latest escapades.

"The answer to that is categorically NO," Jim Conlon, a 60-year-old construction worker, told the AP. "I'd be proud of him if he were my son," he said.

Craig Martin, a 38-year-old construction worker, answered, "He's the prince. He can have any bird he wants!"

Another passerby felt that Harry's age gives him the right to do some partying.

"I've got kids. They do things like that," said Shirley Ashard, a 59-year-old careworker. "He's a lad, for God's sake."

Royal-watcher Ingrid Sewart, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, doesn't think the pictures will affect the royal image, mostly because this isn't anything new for the prince, according to CBS News.

"Of course it's stupid, but it doesn't make people dislike him — quite the opposite," Stewart said. "I honestly think it makes him more endearing as a character. This is why people want to see Harry. People get more hysterical about Harry because he does these little... Well, maybe it's a big faux pas."

The past mistakes of Prince Harry are well documented.

"The third in line to the throne was famously photographed wearing a Nazi uniform for a costume party, and in another photo gaffe, he was seen cupping the breast of a female TV presenter," said CBS News. "Some would argue [that] footage in which he was heard to utter a racial slur while teasing a fellow army cadet from Pakistan was more serious."

No matter what, Harry's family lives in a country where the royals fill a mostly ceremonial role. There are worse things he could do than be caught naked in Las Vegas.

And the fact that he is considered a representative of their country doesn't mean he's not still just 27 years old.

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Comments on "Britons on Prince Harry's naked pictures: "We don't care""

djwyatt August 23, 2012 | 6:06 PM

Why does the public care so much that this man is living his life and enjoying it? What difference does it make that the group of adults choose to engage in such behavior? Isn't he entitled to make his own choice without the entire world passing judgement on him? What is wrong with society that the want to make him out to be a bad person? Grow up... get naked and enjoy yourself for goodness sake!!!

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