It Wasn't A Hit-And-Run -- This Time

It would almost be comical, if not for the fact that it's so serious: Nickelodeon alumnus Amanda Bynes was reportedly involved in her second car accident in as many weeks Monday night -- the latest in a series of fender-benders that started with her DUI arrest in early April.

Amanda Bynes 5th car accident

What I Like About You star Amanda Bynes needs to learn to like being chauffeured by a driver, because TMZ is reporting that the 26-year-old was rear-ended by another car in the San Fernando Valley area of California on Monday evening.

So, the sometimes-actress may not have slammed into someone else (for a change), but the driver of the other car contends Amanda "made a reckless maneuver" that "triggered the collision."

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The car that had the misfortune of being driven by Amanda was a rental. This is important because her BMW is, reportedly, in the body shop. Why?

Little more than two weeks ago to the day, fender-bender Bynes was accused of hitting a Los Angeles woman's car -- and then getting the heck out of dodge.

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“She didn't recognize the woman at first -- because she ‘looked like a hot mess,’” the gossip site said of the victim of the alleged hit-and-run in early August. “But once they began talking, she realized it was Amanda Bynes.”

You'd think one hit-and-run would be enough, but this was Amanda's third in three months -- with two others on May 5 and May 27.

Amanda Bynes has appeared to be in competition with fellow "bad starlets club" member Lindsay Lohan ever since early April, when she was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge after sideswiping a cop's car at 3 a.m.

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Comments on "Amanda Bynes in 4th car accident since May 5"

Emma August 21, 2012 | 4:45 PM

This girl is going downhill, and fast! She needs to start taking care of herself and looking out for those around her. This is absolutely ridiculous to be on the road with this kind of a record. She needs to wake up!

Alex August 21, 2012 | 12:56 PM

I hesitate to make a joke about women drivers, but come on Amanda. You're letting the side down. Maybe some people just aren't cut out to drive. I'm sure you can afford taxis and a driver girl, just save the money for gas....

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