Olympic Feud

Team USA track and field medal winners Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells are so not amused by the attention their non-medaling team mate Lolo Jones is getting.

Dawn Harper

Quick, name the medalists of last night's 100-meter hurdle race. Nope, not Lolo Jones. She didn't make the podium -- and the fact that everyone is talking about her instead of the real winners is really ticking them off.

Jones presents a compelling story for the media because she's a 29-year-old self-proclaimed virgin who ain't bad to look at -- and her teammates resent her for it. Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, who actually did medal yesterday, told MSNBC's Michelle Beadle that they are so over the Lolo angle.

"I feel I had a pretty good story -- knee surgery two months before Olympic trials in 2008, to make the team but 0.007, not have a contract... working three jobs, living in a frat house, trying to make it work," Harper, who took the silver, explained. "Coming off running in someone else's shoes getting the gold medal. Uhhh, I'd say I was pretty interesting."

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"I just felt as if I worked really hard to represent my country in the best way possible, and to come way with the gold medal, and to honestly seem as if, because their favorite didn't win all of sudden it's just like, 'We're going to push your story aside, and still gonna push this one.' That hurt. It did. It hurt my feelings. But I feel as if I showed I can deal with the pressure, I came back, and I think you kinda got to respect it a little bit now."

Bronze medalist Kellie Wells sharpened the point: Basically, she implied, they rule and Jones drools.

"Well, I think that, on the podium tonight, the three girls that earned their spot and they got their medals and they worked hard and did what they needed to do, prevailed. And that's all that really needs to be said," she said.

Oh snap.

"BOOM! Just like that," said Harper.

Must be some thick tension in that locker room.

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Comments on "Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells throw shade on Lolo Jones"

dave August 15, 2012 | 4:56 AM

Dawn and Kellie will not be remembered for their medals, they will be remembered as media seeking haters, bitter and envious of an athlete who did nothing to them. I've questioned a few people, and they have already forgotten what medal either Dawn or Kellie won but they do remember the jealous interview with Beadle, and their involvement in the NYTimes. For Lolo, who came home with no medals, she is remembered as beautiful, humble, overcoming amazing odds, and somewhat oblivious to her own charisma.

JC August 12, 2012 | 1:21 AM

The mainstream media won’t have to attempt to frame Harper and Wells as jealous women who resent Lolo Jones because of her fame, both Harper and Wells managed to accomplish that all on their own during their interview. Their comments weren't taken out of context or edited but was a fascinating and disappointing display of spite towards a fellow team mate. Dawn should have been smarter in not taking that baton from Kellie Wells and running with it. As a woman of color, I was embarrassed watching the interview and their classless display. Can’t be upset with a person for cashing in on her popularity and celebrity, we would all do it if given the opportunity. This interview demonstrated why we can never get ahead as a “people”. We are always too happy to try to break another one of us down. It doesn’t matter that Lolo didn’t win a medal; she is an Olympian, and a world class athlete that competes for team USA and it was the media’s decision to pick their horse and ride it “til” the end – that horse was Lolo Jones. Although I have my favorite athletes, I support all of our athletes, as we all should.

Orville August 10, 2012 | 12:46 AM

Alonzo's comments are pathetic because Kellie and Dawn are not hoodrats. Should Dawn and Kellie be fake? I applaud Dawn and Kellie for telling the truth the media and Lolo Jones have created the hype yet it was not justified! Since America is so racist and ist a female athlete has to market herself as some object and not be respected for her athletic accomplishments. Dawn and Kellie are dark skinned black woman and dark skinned black women have been disrespected in the USA for a long time. If anyone is a child it is that pathetic Lolo Jones crying on NBC Today show. Lolo is thirty years old she needs to GROW UP and get real! The NY Times article is correct she uses her uality to get ahead yet doesn't have the Olympic results and she still doesn't! The only rats here are the USA media which is so racist and ist. Lolo Jones gets a lot of media attention because she's half white! Jones LOST the race and ended up fourth. Kellie and Dawn are correct they are better runners than Jones. However, since Jones is half white and is considered marketable to the white middle class she gets the lion share of media attention.

Ann Moore August 08, 2012 | 4:48 PM

Good job Dawn and Kellie for the silver and bronze AND for calling out the media. They picked a favorite and ignored everyone else. That's not what the Olympics is about. Anyways, the best won. Go USA.

Mary August 08, 2012 | 3:45 PM

These two 'ladies' are not what people would want their daughter to look up to! No class on or off the track. Lolo is a 'good person' which is more than these obviously can look at the camera and say!

Alison August 08, 2012 | 2:21 PM

Well it seems as if they both need training on how to market themselves. These comments will only decrease their marketability even more. This is not the only sport that this happens in and they should now with their wins try to hire someone to represent them and seek endorsements for them, instead of negatively bashing someone else that is obviously successful at marketing herself. Fact regardles of if we agree or disagree with how much she receives. It is not always about what you achieve but how people relate to you. Don't show your ugly sides and you may just make some money!

Sandra August 08, 2012 | 1:50 PM

Very classless comments from two women that clearly have no media training, or even understand how it works. The media game is 10 % (perhaps even less) talent and 90% marketability. It's very tough to market bitter and classless as anything other than... well, bitter and classless. Lolo may have lost but in a few months time, when the Olympics is over and most of these athletes are forgotten, she will be the one with the endorsements, magazine covers and television interviews. Harper and Wells- standing on the podium means nothing when the stage belongs to another.

Joyce August 08, 2012 | 1:50 PM

Why do you Alonzo describe Dawn and Kelly as hoodrats? They expressed themselves well. Is it because you don't agree with their point of view? Imagine if you are the defending Olympic gold medalist who wins a silver medal, and are only two hundredths of a second off a second gold medal. Wouldn't you be miffed at all the attention Lolo, who by the way is yet to earn a medal, gets? Oh and by the way I'm black.

Mickey August 08, 2012 | 1:08 PM

Amazing how you never saw great athletes like Edwin Moses, Jackie Joyner Kersee, or Gail Devers ever conduct themselves like this after races. These two are completely classless.

Alonzo August 08, 2012 | 12:42 PM

Well, Dawn and Kelly confirmed two things for us the last couple days: (1) they are incredible world class hurdlers with incredible athletic talent and fierce competitive drive (2) they are ungracious hoodrats who apparently never made it out of the hood and we hope our children never grow up to be like them. Sad to see grown women with an opportunity to influence others act like childish brats. Very disappointing.

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