Anderson Cooper:
Gay For Ratings?

Anderson Cooper kept his sexuality private for years, but he suddenly broke his silence with an email "coming out" announcement in June. Was it innocent, or a well-planned publicity ploy? Some insiders say it's the latter.

Anderson Cooper coming out planned, say television insiders

Anderson Cooper's official "coming out" in an email to his friend, The Daily Beast reporter Andrew Sullivan, seemed like an off-the-cuff response to question about gays in Hollywood. But, was it? No, say insiders.

Some claim the nonchalant email was exactly what Cooper had planned: It was a calculated move designed to spark interest in his daytime talk show, Anderson.

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"They wanted this to seem like it was a spur of moment decision where he said he ultimately decided to come out because he was doing more harm than good," an "insider" told The Huffington Post's Rob Shuter. "That might be true, but before he came out he had a long discussion with his team making sure he wasn’t committing career suicide."

The email was perfectly timed -- Cooper was in Botswana at the time, so he wasn't around to see the bruhaha among fans and the media.

"What will be interesting is how it will affect the content of his daytime talk show that returns September 10th," a television exec told Shuter. "Will he follow the path of Ellen (DeGeneres), where her sexuality is known but not a major topic of conversation, or will Anderson want to change the conversation and make this an important part of his show?"

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Let's hope it's the former -- Cooper is too talented to make his homosexuality a constant topic on the show.

One thing we do know: Star Jones was spot-on when she said the Silver Fox did it for the ratings. The former co-host of The View said she's a cynic and cites Oprah as someone who fed information for public interest.

"(She) said she smoked crack, Oprah said that she was pregnant at 14 and considered suicide," Jones said on The Today Show. "There are times that you generate information for ratings."

And Jones knows a thing or two about doing stuff for publicity -- remember her "marriage" to Al Reynolds? Exactly.

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Comments on "Conspiracy alert! Anderson Cooper coming out was planned"

Emma July 12, 2012 | 4:39 PM

Of course it was planned. You don't come out with such a huge announcement after so many years of keeping silent just on a whim! I don't think he will use it as constant topics of interest for his show, but it is likely it will be brought up a time or two.

hh July 12, 2012 | 10:30 AM

The "insider" claimed it was planned to avoid "career suicide" which is completely different than planning for it for publicity. It means he thought it would be damaging and hurt ratings but did it anyway while trying to minimize the blow. That makes sense since there is no evidence that being out increases ratings and plenty of out performers have taken career hits after coming out. No one claiming inside information says it was for publicity, and the way he did it was completely the opposite of the way one seeking ratings would. He came out on a media "taking out the garbage day" before a major holiday, when his talk show is in reruns, months before his talk show will start again, and when he was aaway from CNN and unavailable for comment and TV viewing. Star Jones is an ugly person and her comments had no basis regarding Anderson or Oprah. The pregnancy she accused Oprah of bringing up for ratings was actually exposed by a tabloid. Oprah talked had reliably excellent ratings on her long running talk show regardless of those couple of revelations, and now that she has a network with terrible ratings she is not coming forth with any revelations.

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