Comic Is Racist Now, Apparently

"White People's Day" is blowing up on Twitter after Chris Rock lets loose with his perspective on the Fourth of July. Fireworks ensue.

Chris Rock Twitter backlash

Chris Rock isn't publicly commenting (just yet) about the mad rush of Twitter users chiming in about his "Happy white people day" tweet, which was born on the Fourth of July.

For those of you who may have missed it, the comic wrote: "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks."

Obviously, a number of people forgot: 1.) Chris Rock, and the rest of us, are all entitled to say what we feel. 2.) It's Chris Rock, for Pete's sake! and 3.) He's a comic. He's supposed to say what the rest of us think but are too afraid to say! Nervous laughter is supposed to ensue when a comedian says the uncomfortable joke we know is true.

The reason "why" we can say a number of people "forgot" these rules of the "Chris Rock as Chris Rock and comic on Twitter" game is the funny man's tweet was met with a lot of vitriol on, well, Twitter.

One user tweeted: "He's the most racist, hateful person I’ve ever heard."

Really? He's the most racist, hateful person you've heard of? We seem to forget very quickly the white men in sheets and that whole lynching and church-burning thing.

Others took a dig at the actor/producer's career: "I stopped considering @chrisrock relevant when he stopped being funny. That was awhile ago. Sad."

Still others turned this into a political issue: "Hi @chriskrock, you bashed July 4th as 'White peoples independence day.' Know who gave you yours? Republicans. You're welcome."

Somehow, Chris Rock managed to also get embroiled in class warfare, courtesy of the following tweets: "White people fought & died in a war so @chrisrock wouldn't be subject to slavery, but rather enjoy his vast wealth" and "You're not a slave. You are a 'comedian' with a net worth of $70 million. What other country would've paid for your jokes?"

Some famous and not-so-famous names came to the comic's rescue.

Michael Moore tweeted: "Last yr @chrisrock said white ppl had gotten less crazy He won’t make that mistake again!"

Here's a funny on the reverse racism claims: "From the Chris Rock backlash I can see that a lot of people have replaced history with the Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter version of slavery."

And this take on the backlash: "I find this Chris Rock backlash absolutely ridiculous. Really? Someone tells the truth and you mad? I'm American…."

Just how ridiculous is this backlash to you?

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Comments on "Chris Rock in hot water (again) over Fourth of July comments"

CJ July 09, 2012 | 10:26 PM

To Denise, Aside from the Native American/American Indians, tell me what other group was whipped, chained in the bottom of ships (one on top of another), living in one another's fices, raped, beaten, slaughtered, forced into servitude, separated from their CHILDREN, women, men, and brutalized day after day, after day for centuries? Tell me please. Before you speak you should really take some serious Black studies courses and be ready to hear the truth. Again, Chris Rock only stated a FACT. F-A-C-T.

CJ July 09, 2012 | 10:11 PM

For those of you complaining and uneducated about the comment made by Chris Rock, check out this article, "The Fourth of July and Race Outrages," by Paul Laurence Dunbar, (1903). Chris Rock only quoted a FACT about American History. Why do White people get upset when a Black person recite FACTS about the history of this country? Why? Because it hurts, or is it insulting? Well, guess what? History still hurts too? Especially history that's repeating itself. Black people may have been enslaved in African, but they were not treated with such brutality as it was here in the United States. Not even close. Read that article and then read, "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome." Education will set you free from bondage and it might make you less judgmental.

greg privett July 07, 2012 | 11:27 AM

The writer of this article justifies the comics racist comments with "white people in sheets". To the writer: you are a fool.

Denise Magliochette July 07, 2012 | 11:00 AM

Chris Rock's twitter regarding independence day is nothing short of racist. For ANYONE to say, 'it was just a joke', 'if you think it was racist your just tripping (which is not a word in the dictionary)', or 'well it is true, black were still slaves' is just insulting to whites. If a white person said Martin Luther Kind day is a black day...that would cause enormous backlash. The blacks have suffered no more than many other groups in history, yet they continue to complain constantly, and presently just to get more and more handouts and rights! People are all sick and tired of it and they are going to complain themselves backwards instead of forward as people are not going to continue to put up with it! Has anyone forgot that the African's sold them to the US to begin with! Also, not all blacks are Africans and not all whites enslaved them! If they are so unhappy with the USA, how about going to Africa and fight for your rights there!

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