Off Mock Ad, Elizabeth Takes A Real Jab

The Queen is knocking Prince William's wife down a peg or two, courtesy of recently released protocols. These protocols dictate how Kate and other royals behave. Off a buzzy mock ad, these revised rules are yet another reminder to the young duchess: You were born a commoner. And don't forget it.

Duchess Kate curtsey

Unlike the TV spot where the Queen mocks Kate, these protocols are no joke.

The cover of the Life & Style Weekly's July 16 issue screams: "The Queen Humiliates Kate."

For those of us Yanks across the pond, these protocols establish how you behave around other members of the royal family.

They also indicate where you fall in the royal pecking order.

With changes to these rules as an indication, Queen Elizabeth doesn't think all that much of Duchess Kate.

The Daily Mail reports a document meant for "royal eyes only" is said to "clarify" Kate's royal status.

By way of the U.K. paper, Kate must, "as a former commoner," show reverence "to the 'blood princesses.'"

What does this mean?

Well, the 30-year-old must quite literally curtsey to the other princesses.

Yes. That includes Fergie's daughters — 22-year-old Eugenie and 23-year-old Beatrice.

"It's a total humiliation for Kate," a source close to the royal couple said, by way of Life & Style. "It's like a demotion for her in the royal family, and the queen is the one who ordered this."

Source goes on to indicate Elizabeth changed the rules mid-game because she's jealous that Kate is hogging the spotlight.

"These moves from the queen are designed to remind Kate that just because she's popular, she isn't as important as the queen or any other royal-born family member," the friend added.

These "revised rules" also seem to dredging up a lot of bad blood over Kate's lack of royal blood.

Queen Elizabeth: I still don't like you

Throughout Will and Kate's courtship, stories would often surface about the Queen's displeasure with Kate — particularly her lack of a full-time job while dating the prince.

Moreover, a royal historian predicted when Will married the former Kate Middleton that she would take the rank of her husband.

That means when Kate's at court the princesses should curtsy to her — not the other way around.

So, again, this indicates the rules are more the Queen's doing than "just the way things are" for the royals.

Of course, royal historian kinda sorta says what we all think: Can you imagine Beatrice and Eugenie curtseying to Kate?

They're likely to think: "I was born into royalty. I'm not curtseying to the daughter of a flight attendant and party supplies distributor."

Kate's likely to literally just shut up and bow down, as sources have also said she's been eager to please the family.

We all want to please our families at some point. Make a good impression to the boyfriend's mom, for example.

But that's a particularly tall order when your husband's grandmother is the queen and you'll always have been born a commoner.

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Comments on "Queen humiliates Kate -- It's a curtsey controversy!"

Diva4Jesus July 20, 2013 | 2:21 PM

The Bible says that all who are born-again are kings and priests unto their God. The UK does not have the final word on who's royal or not, Jesus does! You go, Princess Kate. Don't let the Queen or anyone else rain on your parade!

Paula July 11, 2012 | 5:38 PM

Does this mean Kate will have to curtsey to her own children?

Andrea July 11, 2012 | 1:09 PM

Here's yet another great example why monarchies are a disgraceful type of government. No human being is above another in any shape or form. If Elizabeth were a good 'Queen', she would recognize that her political position means absolutely nothing neither on earth nor in heaven. And the English call themselves a Christian nation. >.> They need to be reacquainted with James chapter 2, if you ask me. Only one man was ever above any other on earth, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't carry the title of Christ. Why does the UK still put up with this mess?

marlio July 07, 2012 | 11:55 AM

Kate will always upsurp the Queen just like Diana did. One of the reasons, I heard prince phillip wanted diana murdered, was because she was always taking the limelight, campaiging against the landminds in angola, (which were manufactured in Britain) and she was quitely challenging the claim of the Windors to the Throne. Diana is descended from the House of Stuart and is more royal than the Queen , herself. She comes form the german family, gotha or something like that and I dont think their claim is solid. Thats why the family used Diana to bear sons for Charles--they just used her and wanted her to go away after she bore two sons. How cold this family appears to love or compassion at all!!!

Freda July 05, 2012 | 9:34 PM

If the queen feels Kate is at the bottom of the pecking order because she's a commoner, then what does the queen think of the rest of us? And like idiots we stand waving at her, yet she thinks we are beneath her. I wonder what pecking order she will be in when she meets God. She is supposed to be a Christian isn't she? It just shows you how out of touch she really is and how lucky she is that Britain still accepts a monarchy which is such a medieval concept. Look what happened to her cousins in Russia and most of Europe.

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