Age 6 A Big Milestone For Followers

Since the time Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, Scientology-watchers half-jokingly speculated about whether the actress could escape the clinches of the controversial religion. Now, there is intense speculation about Scientology's role in the divorce, particularly the timing of their split, which coincides with daughter Suri's sixth birthday, a notable age for church members.

Katie, Suri Scientology

Of course, no one really knows "why" the celebrity couple split Friday, other than the celebrities themselves.

But that isn't stopping bloggers and celeb-watchers alike from asking: "Why?"

And one reason behind the divorce that keeps rearing its head time and time again: Scientology.

The Daily Beast reports Holmes converted to the religion started by pulp fiction author L. Ron Hubbard before marrying Cruise in late 2006.

But the site contends the 33-year-old actress hasn't been seen inside a Scientology Church for "some time," and that she even enrolled Suri in a Catholic preschool.

Suri could have been subjected to intense interrogation

Despite this, there is no way around the timing of the divorce for avid Scientology-watchers and ex-Scientologists.

After all, Suri turned six in April. That number really means something in Scientology circles.

That's when children may be subjected to a form of interrogation called "security checking."

Tony Ortega has been writing about Scientology for nearly two decades.

He's developed a following among ex-members as well as diehards still in the church. The latter group both monitors his blog at the Village Voice, and used to weigh in a heck of a lot more frequently than in recent months about the virtues of the religion.

By way of Ortega, Scientology's founder Hubbard introduced "sec checking" as a means of interrogation to weed out any "covert" threats within the organization.

The technique, in part, involves a seemingly never-ending list of questions children as young as six, Suri's age, may be asked. Some of those questions may be found here by scrolling down a bit.

The questions range from strange ("Have you ever refused to eat just to worry someone?") to downright spooky and dark for a grade-schooler ("Have you ever decided 'Someday, when I'm grown up, I'll get even'? If so, with whom?")

Before you write this off as yet some more insight into the strange alien world of Scientology where there is, indeed, a creation story involving aliens, consider this: Many ex members contend that sec checking is yet another tool that has been used to turn children against parents, ripping families apart by getting the youngest members to rat on their own flesh and blood.

Suri was old enough to join radical Sea Org

TMZ also notes Suri had passed another big Scientology milestone last year.

They contend Katie was freaking out over the prospect that her daughter may be recruited into the Sea Org -- the highly regimented "division" of the religion.

Members as young as age 5 sign "a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion and it is still signed by all members today," according to the Scientology website.

It's hard to imagine a celebrity daughter like Suri would be exposed to the type of long hours, low pay, and overall harsh conditions documented by Scientology-watchers like Ortega.

When you typically hear about the youngest members joining the Sea Org they were often born into Scientology, and know nothing other than the religion.

And these Sea Org members bow down to celebs like Cruise and family.

Regardless, there are two curious aspects surrounding the timing of the divorce.

Who knows? They just may show themselves during what's poised to be one the biggest knock-down, drag-out celebrity divorce showdowns in recent times.

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Comments on "Scientology's plans for Suri: Reason for Tom, Katie's divorce?"

Withheld July 22, 2013 | 6:40 PM

As the only person commenting who has actually been in the Sea Org, or been security checked, and therefore has the ability to consider whether what you're reporting is accurate, I felt obligated to comment. I'd be right in line to back you up if such were true, since it would be despicable to security check a child of that age. But, unfortunately, this is actually, factually incorrect. 1. It's not true that kids as young as 6 get security checked. You're not even allowed to get any kind of counseling in front of a meter (the device that is used in most church processes, including a security check) until much older than that. 2. No such creation myth exists. If it does, I didn't hear it in several decades in the church. I've only ever heard it from foaming-at-the-mouth detractors online. No one's really that credible if everyone's leaping out of their seat to proselytize their own view of things... but I never heard any such alien stories. Ever. Despite plenty of contact with the doctrines and training materials. 3. No one can be in the Sea Org at six. It just doesn't happen. There is sort of a glorified day-care system called the "cadets" that used to be in place for children of basically, what amounts to the clergy (the 'Sea Org' still called that from back when the most devout were on boats with Hubbard), but nowadays the youngest are teenagers, and you can't join if your kids aren't 16 or over. I know, at one point it was how I kept from getting pushed to join the ranks - I have children under the age to join of sixteen. Even then, schooling MUST take up most of the day, and only four hours of work are allowed. Of course, it wasn't always that way. But six is far too young, and no one would have even thought to approach Suri about it for another ten years. This article wasn't based on fact, unfortunately, but I can understand the confusion considering that I could find you twenty false "facts" (probably from both sides, I suppose) about the church for every one truth out there. If you want the truth, you have to talk to someone who has both BEEN THERE and IS NOT ANGRY. Those two things rarely coincide.

Emma July 03, 2012 | 2:06 PM

This "religion" is so bizarre and this just adds to their horrible reputation. If these allegations are true, then it is very timely that Holmes get out of the marriage now before any more damage can be done to Suri. It is so sad that the children are always the victim!

boo July 02, 2012 | 9:09 AM

Knowing Cruise, he will put up a fight. We must all stand behind Katie and Suri and let's pray that the Jury and Judge do as well. Robert Murdoch is right about this religion. Ioronic that Cruise's ex wife Mimi Rogers hooked him into this religion and then later she got out. Also find it interesting that all the films that have featured him lately have bombed. I will never go to see any of his films.

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