She Is Also Running For President. Yes, Really.

Roseanne's show ended 15 years ago, but she is showing the world she still has what it takes. And Comedy Central is helping.

Roseanne RoastComedy Central has never before roasted a current presidential candidate, but they decided to get all political.

Okay, not really.

However, according to Huffington Post, Roseanne Barr has actually filed her candidacy for president of the United States. She is running as a Green candidate in the 2012 election.

And just before what we can only assume will be a close election, Barr is braving Comedy Central to be roasted.

"Although Roseanne appears to be a demure, soft spoken woman eternally committed to the status quo, we believe under the surface is an explosive, trail-blazing cultural revolution. We are honored to roast her,” said Kent Alterman, head of original programming and production at Comedy Central said in a press release.

“Celebrating Roseanne’s unprecedented achievements in comedy and television will surely inspire us to make this roast more reminiscent of the classic roasts, where the intimacy of friends jousting with each other came through."

The last woman to be roasted on the network was Joan Rivers, three years ago.

Barr may be best known for her 1988 TV show Roseanne, which co-starred John Goodman and lasted nine years. She was most recently on Roseanne’s Nuts, a reality show about her farm.

Barr is currently filming a movie with Goodman that sounds a little familiar. It is about “A lower middle class family living in a mobile home community,” according to The Internet Movie Database.

So, what does Roseanne think about being roasted?

“All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of,” she said. “I mean, I've never made a mistake or offended anyone in my life.”

The network agrees, sending out an announcement on their Tumblr: “This is very exciting since it marks the first time anyone has ever made fun of Roseanne.”

The roast is set to take place Aug. 4, and already has its own hashtag: #roseanneroast

It will air Aug. 12 on Comedy Central.

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Comments on "Comedy Central to roast Roseanne Barr"

Corey July 16, 2012 | 1:59 PM

Roseanne is running as a candidate? Jeez. Although, I don't think she'll be able to cause the fuss that Nader or Perot did when they ran against the two big parties. I mean, how seriously can one take Roseanne Barr? She's not exactly a bastion of common sense.....

Yesica July 11, 2012 | 2:56 PM

But keep in mind this, Jay: If Nader hadn't run, do you really think that the 1 mliilon "Treehuggers" would have stayed home or voted for Bush? C'mon, you KNOW we would have had President Al Gore on 9/11.Why do you think Algore is such an Environmental Wacko? Every night, he probably goes to bed thinking "...if I had only been more Green , I'd have been President."3rd parties can't win in our modern system, but they sure can split Votes and cause others to lose. Just ask Bush the Elder.Okay, so Bush the Elder shot himself in the foot, but Perot didn't help!

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