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Jack Osbourne fired from a job for having MS? Sadly, this news is true. You can bet Sharon Osbourne and her son aren't the only people who have a thing or two to say about this turn of events!

Jack Osbourne is determined not to let his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis interfere with his life — so don't anyone go telling him what kind of work he can or can't handle! The new father stopped by The Talk Wednesday to vent about being let go from a job after the public found out he has MS.

Appearing alongside fiancee Lisa Stelly and mom Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne looked to be in good spirits despite the frustration with his employment circumstances.

"I had just booked a job when I got diagnosed and unfortunately the company that hired me didn't think I could handle the job," Jack Osbourne explained.

Describing his reaction to the news, the 26-year-old son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne shared, "Out of everything, that's what ticked me off the most, because it's like, don't tell me what I can and cannot do."

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Trying to make the best of rotten circumstances, Jack Osbourne, whose daughter Pearl is now nearly two months old, said of fatherhood, "It's been good because I haven't had time to be like, 'Oh, I have MS,' because I have to change diapers and stop the baby from crying."

Yet not everyone is forgetting how the young man has been wronged quite so easily. Upon hearing news of Jack Osbourne's firing, one Twitter user vented Thursday, "I am beyond pissed. Jack Osbourne go get them a**holes who fired you!! We have M.S. we aren't losers, we are fighters."

What is your reaction to Jack Osbourne being fired over his MS diagnosis?

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Comments on "Who fired Jack Osbourne over MS diagnosis? Not cool!"

Emma June 21, 2012 | 2:58 PM

I think it's incredibly unfair for Jack Osbourne to get fired because of his diagnosis. That can't be legal! I'm sure they have another reason but I hope they aren't trying to spin this story just for publicity. I'm not sure what he does, but if it doesn't hinder from performing his job duties then this is completely outrageous!

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