Claims Her Tweet Was Not Negative

After sending a tweet with a link to helping stepmothers, many felt the comment was negative toward her husband's ex-wife.

Leann Rimes CibrarianLeAnn Rimes took on more than just a new husband when she left her husband for Eddie Cibrarian in 2009... she also took on a family.

The controversial affair made headlines because both parties were married at the time.

So it’s not a surprise Cibrian’s ex Brandi Glanville might be a little upset at Rimes, especially since Rimes is now her children's stepmother.

On Friday, Rimes tweeted a link to a blog called The Evil Stepmother Speaks, and an article entitled The ONE LESSON that Can Change Your Life aka Stepmoms Listen Up!, and people took notice.

She tweeted the link along with the comment “This sounds amazing.”

RadarOnline then posted the link with the comment “‘Evil Stepmother’ LeAnn Rimes Shares Blog About Dealing With That ‘Nasty Ex-Wife’.”

Rimes responded to RadarOnline with the comment “It's not negative though it's positive. It's about moving through things and self care.”

Going through both Rimes and Glanville’s Twitter pages makes it look like the two are friends, or at the very least trying to be friendly, for the sake of the children.

Glanville, a former model, was married to Cibrian when he and LeAnn began to have an affair. Rimes was married to back-up dancer Dean Sheremet at the time. They had been married for seven years.

This is not Rimes’ first attempt to use Twitter to fix broken friendships. She recently tweeted to her ex-husband Sheremet about the loss of his grandmother.

“I’m so sorry. She looks so beautiful here, always did,” she tweeted, according to the UK Mail Online. “Surreal, I hope you are OK. I can’t imagine.”

He responded later with “Thanks Le, she loved you. Your condolences mean a lot.”

Glanville’s response on Friday was slightly delayed but the UK Daily Mail said it was because she was busy. Rimes seems to be okay with sharing her personal life and battles over social network, and those involved are being forced to comply.

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Comments on "LeAnn Rimes talks about being the evil stepmother"

sophie June 25, 2012 | 6:13 PM

People have affairs and end up marrying their mistresses all the time....what is disturbing in this situation is how Leann is trying to physically turn herself into Brandi..with the surgeries and fashion very obvious and well documented thanks to leann herself...and very disturbing that she doesnt respect boundries in regards to being a stepmother(she became ed's wife not the boys mother,,they have a mother and her name is Brandi and she hasn't gone anywhere!!)...which has also been well documeted thanks to leanns constant mentioning of the kids via social media like twitter and in her staged photos for the tabloids

Cassi June 19, 2012 | 1:07 AM

Jeez. what's all the commotion about?! So the link had a part about a "nasty Ex" that doesn't make it the point of the article. Maybe Leann was just trying to post something she thought was interesting and would help other people. Why does it always have to be a snipe-y mean battle?

Emma June 18, 2012 | 8:29 PM

As personal Twitter can be, it is still a very impersonal way to interact. All parties are aware that it is such a public forum and I am sure that they think about that before anything is tweeted. Leann already has a bad reputation for cheating in her marriage and ruining someone else's marriage also, so it is good they seem on good terms now.mi just don't ink she would continue to do anything to intentionally hurt or call out their mother. That is a very sensitive situation.

Me June 18, 2012 | 10:02 AM

Leann Rimes is super creepy. . Brandi is pretty

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