Sweet Ballad Titled "I Look Up To You"

Jamie Lynn Spears is pursuing a career as a country singer. While in Nashville, she unveiled a new song titled "I Look Up to You." Can you guess who she wrote it about?

Jamie Lynn Spears

Move over, Britney.

Apparently younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears is actively pursuing a singing career, and paid tribute to her famous sibling in a song titled “I Look Up to You,” which she premiered during a musical showcase at the 3rd and Lindsley Bar & Grill in Nashville.

"You can imagine who I wrote it about, so I hope y’all like it a lot," Spears said as before singing the song, a slow ballad about a “scared little girl” who lost her “innocence” when she became famous way too soon.

The track has a catchy hook heading into the chorus, and is far more “country” than anything older sister Britney ever attempted. It’s Jamie Lynn's dream to launch a country music career. She kickstarted her road to Nashville earlier this year, and this showcase was the next step on what’s sure to be a long journey to superstardom.

To learn more about Jamie Lynn’s musical career, bookmark her official website: JamieLynnSpears.com.

Image courtesy of Nikki Nelson/ WENN


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Comments on "Jamie Lynn Spears unveils country song she wrote about Britney"

Zora June 20, 2012 | 12:20 PM

Kudos to you kid. I hope you do well, and manage to avoid the pit falls that your sister fell into. No head shaving or lack-of-underwear flashing, okay? Lets learn from your sisters mistakes. It's nice that she appreciates her older sister though, and that she is trying to get a career on the way without riding on her famous family's coattails.

Emma June 18, 2012 | 7:58 PM

Even though Britney has had her share of crazy moments, she was a star at such a young age it is no wonder that her little sister looked up to her and was able to learn a lot from her. I think this is a sweet sentiment and I could definitely see Jamie Lynn moving to the country genre. We all knew she wouldn't stay at home forever!

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