America's Got Frauds

America's Got Talent Timothy Michael Poe is still standing behind the sob story he told during his addition on the NBC reality competition. Find out how he tried to explain away a fake photo used on the show.

Timothy Michael Poe continues to lie on America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent contestant Timothy Michael Poe is digging a bigger hole with his fake sob story about combat injuries received while serving with the National Guard in Afghanistan. Now, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Norman Bone has come forward saying that the photo used on the show -- one purported to be of Poe -- is actually a photo of him from 2006.

"First thing that came to my mind was, 'Why would this lying son of a b***h do this?'" The El Paso, Texas-based Bone told TMZ on Thursday. "I'm absolutely furious. Been seeing red all day."

Bone first heard about the America's Got Talent photos from his ex-wife, but he thought it was a tribute to the troops and didn't think much of it. The photo is a stock photo used by the Department of Defense with the caption, "U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Norman Bone directs movement as his patrol turns around on a narrow path in the mountains of Parwan province in Afghanistan on Oct. 25, 2006."

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One of his military buddies sent him a link to the video on Wednesday and that's when he saw what it was actually used for. Bone added that he's never met Poe and plans to meet with military officials to explore his legal options.

And how does Poe explain the fake photo? It's a mistake, of course.

"I must have sent the wrong picture from my hard drive to AGT," he said on Thursday. "I was trying to hurry and get the picture to them that I did not take the time to really make sure. I apologize. (Show producers) kept pushing me and pushing me saying, 'You need to put these out. You need to put these out.'"

Yep, sure. His fiancée is even involved in the lies, telling the Associated Press that Poe "downloads military stuff all the time."

"But I know that it was a mistake on his part. It was an accident. It was a complete accident," Carrie Morris said.

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Poe's audition -- shown on America's Got Talent on Tuesday night -- captured the judges' hearts with his story about being injured by a grenade while serving in Afghanistan in 2009.

"I had volunteered for a team to go out and clear buildings and help out with the wounded," he said. "There was a guy who come up with a rocket-propelled grenade. I saw it coming down, and by the time I turned and went to jump on top of my guys, I yelled 'grenade' and the blast had hit me."

The real story? He was in the National Guard from 2002 to 2011 but only spent a month in Afghanistan -- and he wasn't injured by an IED.

"He never actually fought in Afghanistan. He did break his back but it was in Georgia when he was in training to go on a deployment. On this particular deployment he landed in Afghanistan, got an ear infection and was medevac'd out to Germany," Katy Edwards, the sister of his ex-girlfriend, told IBTimes on Wednesday. "While in Germany he refused to go back to the war and was brought back to the United States. His unit lost a soldier that deployment and are incredibly upset by the stories he made up (Monday) night."

Poe still maintains that he hasn't lied about his past, telling TMZ on Thursday that he was discharged from the Minnesota National Guard after sustaining war injuries. "My retirement orders say disability resulted from a combat-related injury," Poe said, though he declined to back up his claims with proof.

As for his status on America's Got Talent? He's still a contestant as of now, though Freemantle Entertainment has issued an apology for using the photo of Bone without knowing its true origins.

"We sincerely apologize to U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Norman Bone for using a photo of him in our story on Tim Poe. It was supplied to us by Tim and used on the show in good faith. It has now been removed and will not be used again."

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Should America's Got Talent kick Timothy Michael Poe to the curb?


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Comments on "Timothy Michael Poe tries to save his sinking ship of lies"

Lou June 12, 2012 | 5:51 PM

Timothy Michael Poe should NOT be allowed to continue on America's Got Talent. The whold thing was a fraud. He didn't even break his back in Afghanistan. He can sing but not well enough to win. People should be fully vetted BEFORE being allowed to make a complete fool of the show & the people who wanted to see a military man do well. God Bless the troupes who fight every day for the USA & don't use lies for personal gain.

Lou June 12, 2012 | 5:46 PM

Timothy Michael Poe should be GONE from America's Got Talent. None of the things he said on the show appear to be true. It's a horrible thing to come on & claim these things when even the part about breaking his back while in Afgan. was not true. Everyone thought that this guy was some sort of hero. He can sing, but not good enough to win & the fraud should not be rewarded by his being on the show in Las Vegas at all. God Bless the men & women who serve the USA & DON'T LIE

Fawad. June 08, 2012 | 9:21 AM

@grannyof23. You son in law didnot fight for the worlds freedom, he foughts for his country and the entire world is not USA. This is the classic American B.S that they keep on feeding you all. He fought in Iraq a war based on absolute lies where 10s of thousands of civilians were killed. In Afghanistan he fought a war to defend America and America only and was fighting for a just cause but a cause that millions of men fight for around the world - to defend and protect their country-. So dont make it more that what it is. On the other hand i respect men/women who do that because they fight for defending their country, they might be tools and used and misused by Polititions that dont care for them but they fought. On the other side of argument well they choose this lifestyle, no matter what you think your son in law didnt fight for worlds freedom, just to pull you out of your cocoon.

grannyof23 June 08, 2012 | 8:03 AM

I have a son-in-law father of four who served three full tours, one in Afghanistan the other two in Iraq. He is now a Wounded Warrior, medically retired from the Army at 34, and he sings. Poe is an absolute insult to the men and women who do serve and give up their lives for world freedom so he needs to be dropped flat by the show and without further publicity which is what he wanted, having been a lead singer before in a band we never heard of. He rationale is that it's only television. That's an insult to all of us. To be fair, it became quickly evident on The Voice that they were looking for a good back-story more than for singing ability. But they were looking for TRUE STORIES. Next time the show needs to vet their entries. Every veteran has a 214 that documents service. I just hope the judges don't walk over this and the contestants don't turn away.

sharon June 08, 2012 | 7:33 AM

I don't think AGT have to worry about removing him. If he makes to the country votes, America will remove him themselves. I can't think of one person, who, after his lies will want to keep him on!

satz31 June 08, 2012 | 6:40 AM

What an embarrassment to our state and also all the true soldiers that serve. What a dumba**.

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