Sing It, Sister!

In a world of text messages, Facebook messages, tweets, emails, e-cards, Facetime and LinkedIn, do we really need another way to give someone a shout-out? Yes! But only if it’s as cool as the Songnote™ app.

Songnote app

The Darling Group, developers of Songnote,™ have taken the concept of the singing greeting card and turned it on its ear. As popular as those greeting cards are, there are some inherent problems with them. The first is that you have to drive to the store to get one. That’s so 10 years ago. THEN you have to feel like an annoyance to other card shoppers when you open them to see what song the card plays. (Nothing will get you the stink-eye from a fellow shopper faster than opening a card with a zippy tune while they are shopping for a sympathy card.) With these cards you are also stuck with whatever jingle comes with the card.

With Songnote,™ you choose the song you want from your library, attach a note for the recipient (or not) and fire it off. How brilliant is that? Scents and songs are life’s two biggest triggers, right? We all remember what song was playing the first time we drove around with our crush. We all remember our go-to song when we broke up with that crush. Nothing can trigger a memory like hearing a song from the funeral of a loved one that makes us mentally drop everything and reflect on the person who has passed. Music is so powerful in this way and now you can share these memories with others. You can take this app in a completely different direction and use songs with attitude to send a meaningful message. Has your friend had a rough week with the kids and work? Is it time for a girls’ night out? Fire off “Raise Your Glass” on a Friday afternoon with an invite to your favorite watering hole. The possibilities with this app and the fun you can have with it are limitless.

Want to give it a try? The Darling Group is offering SheKnows readers a shot at a $25 iTunes gift card! Simply go to and write in the tune you most want your significant other to send you. For example, if you want to know that your significant other appreciates you, maybe you’d write in “Everything She Does is Magic.” A winner will be automatically selected. Give this a try and be sure to tell us what you think of this app!

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Comments on "Songnote -- The coolest new way to stay in touch"

Songnote June 06, 2012 | 9:19 AM

Hi Emma! Thanks for the great feedback...that's just our facebook page. Here is the link to our app on iTunes :)

Emma June 06, 2012 | 7:57 AM

What a brilliant idea for an app! I think this could get really big. I just looked it up and it looks great! It looks like it links through your Facebook though, and I don't have one (I know, so old school!) But this is such a fun way to send a special note, I always equate song lyrics to special moments or thoughts or situations.

linda hall June 06, 2012 | 6:03 AM

THIS IS THE BEST!! I LOVE IT!! Sent a song to my sweetie while he's on a trip and he said he got tears in his eyes Sent it to my buddy for hr birthday Sent it to my sister for her new baby. LOVE IT!!!!!! Really easy, really cool. A 2.0 for the best of greetings!!!!

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