Queen Of Mean Really Hates On Royal Union

Just in time for the Queen's big Jubilee bash, Joan Rivers takes a swipe at Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton on The Late Show. Her prediction: time is ticking for this fairytale union.

The death knell for this royal marriage, according to Joan, is that ring! Yes — that diamond and sapphire beauty weighing in at a hefty 18 carats.

Almost in one breath, the comic with perpetual foot-in-mouth disease explained to David Letterman why she thinks the royal couple is doomed for failure.

"Here's a girl he's in love with, 'Sweetheart, I want you to have my mother's ring,'" Rivers said, channeling the prince. Sounds like a nice sentiment, right — giving your sweetheart your late mother's ring?

But it's not a nice sentiment, according to Rivers, when your mom was Princess Diana and your parents' relationship fell apart for all the world to see.

"My mother and father hated each other, they think my brother was somebody else's, my mother was crazy on drugs, tried to kill herself... good luck!" Rivers (as Prince William) told Letterman and audience.

Eighteen carats or not (and prince or no prince), Rivers said that ring would be a deal-breaker for her.

Rivers' comments come 13 months and some change since the Royal Wedding was shoved down our throats 24/7. So Rivers really isn't giving the couple much time to settle in to the union. But, then again, that length of marriage in celebrity years is like a quarter of a century in "regular people" years.

These characteristic comments are also coming at a time when Joan is making the media rounds, publicizing her new book, I Hate Everyone… Starting With Me.

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Comments on "Joan Rivers says Will and Kate won't last"

Gabriella June 05, 2012 | 6:59 PM

I L.O.V.E Her. That's truth hahaah

Ali June 05, 2012 | 1:12 PM

I think this is really insensitive. Kate and Will dated for a long, long time before getting married, and she was in no way famous before she met Prince William. I don't think it's fair to set them to the same standards as other celebrity couples. Although it is a little strange to give her a ring from a failed marriage, Will clearly adored his mother and this shows how much he wants Kate to be a part of his family.

Emma June 05, 2012 | 1:04 PM

I think Joan Rivers is crazy! The ring is gorgeous and it means something to Will and it honors his late mother, which is something he does frequently in his life. I think Will and Kate have real lasting power based on the way they have handled their relationship. They weren't forced into marriage and didn't enter it lightly, so they truly choose to live life together as man and wife.

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