Trouble In Paradise
For Bethenny Frankel?

All is not perfect in Bethenny Frankel's multi-million dollar world: She's reportedly seeking the advice of a divorce attorney. Take it with a grain of salt, but the reality star hasn't denied that she's having marital troubles.

Bethenny Frankel may be considering divorce

Uh oh: Is Bethenny Frankel's marriage to Jason Hoppy really at risk? Yes, according to a new report on RadarOnline and in Star magazine. The couple — married for two years — is reportedly considering their options as Frankel is allegedly seeing more and more of her business partner, Matt Hess.

Hess and Frankel were supposedly spotted entering NYC restaurant Mr. Chow together.

"They walked through the restaurant with his chest pressed up against her back, and she leaned back and he whispered in her ear," an insider told Star. "Then, they went up the stairs to a private dining area together, literally with their arms wrapped around each other."

We call shenanigans -- Frankel knows that people would blab that sort of behavior to the press. However, the magazine adds Hoppy apparently knows about the relationship and will "call Bethenny out on her infidelity and name Matt in the papers" if they divorce.

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However, another source told The Huffington Post that it's all a bunch of lies. "This is not Bethenny’s style," the source said. "If she wanted to leave Jason for Matt, she would do it. She is not the sort of girl to sneak about behind anyone’s back."

"She is honest to a fault and has no problem saying exactly what she wants, including when it comes to her marriage."

The pair — now living in Los Angeles with daughter Brynn for her new talk show — looked fine when spotted out and about last week. Frankel hasn't denied that they've had trouble, though.

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"I think marriage is a little bit more difficult than I thought," she told Anderson Cooper earlier this year. "We didn't date for that long and we were pregnant and so many different things happened at the same exact time including having a baby and my business."

"We were also older, when you get married older you're set in your ways and that's when the acceptance really has to come into play."

Will they make it? We hope so, especially for their daughter's sake. They seemed to be doing better after their vacation to Mexico.

"They are still together and want to make this relationship work," a Frankel pal told the HuffPo.

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Comments on "Bethenny getting divorced? Reality star may be thinking split"

Fussy Nurse June 26, 2012 | 11:31 AM

In her life men are like toilet paper .. One or two wipes and you're finished!

Cami Lampert May 29, 2012 | 4:51 PM

Bethanny was ready to marry the first guy that asked her (remember the other Jason that she tried to move in with?) and he was'nt having any. She wanted a child before she was too old......this poor B.....d came along, I knew she would eat him up for breakfast and spit him out....he is way out of her league and I think his nice parents were horrified at her language and behavior. She needs a Jewish businessman with a lot of Hoodspa........but, he'll be a rich guy, not ever living in a 500 sq. ft. apt. again. He's a sweet guy...but this was not a merger made in heaven.

Marilyn G May 25, 2012 | 6:36 AM

Frankly, who thought that Bethenny would last past the honeymoon. She bosses her vagina-whipped husband around like a rag-doll, and now that she has a baby to totally accessorize her leisure wear and more photo op's it's the complete package. Perhaps she should have a childs line of clothing and use her daughter as a model that she can "mom"age like Kris Kardashian. I think she and Rachel Zoe should get married. The remind me of each other. Self centered me, me, me and poor little me from Frankel! And I wonder who wrote her book for her, because I doubt that she has the smarts to write a book, not to mention the time. Poor Bethenny, more to complain on her show...who ever can stand her long enough to watch. I got my fill of hre on the Food Network a few years ago when she was trying to be the worlds next greatest chef. I watched her show "Bethenny Ever After" to see how self centered she appeared and could not stand to watch another. The TV networks shouls not condone these Housewives shows, how many housewives do you know that walk around in strapless dresses, size 2, don't even know each other before the show is put together and never do anything with their children... another one time watched program and it was like a car accident, you can't help but watch because it is so ridiculous.

Emma May 24, 2012 | 1:30 PM

Bethenny is very open about marriage challenges, and is so honest that there is no way she would try and sneak around behind Jason's back, especially to get caught up in the press. Relationships take work and aren't always perfect, and they are experiencing that. It happens and that's ok, and I think they will be ok!

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