Ringer Gone Too

Ringer's lost its appeal and The Secret Circle's magic is gone. Both dramas have been canceled by The CW. Unfortunately, Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to television was short-lived. Neither show will be back for a second season.

The Secret Circle

What The CW giveth, The CW can taketh away. Friday afternoon, the network announced three major renewals Nikita, Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl. But with that positive came a serious negative.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer and the supernatural Secret Circle were canceled. We're not shocked by Ringer's fate considering the show averaged a mere 1.8 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating. That's disappointing, even by CW standards. Despite its intriguing premise and plot twists, it wasn't enough to get the numbers up.

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On the other hand, The Secret Circle is more of a shock. It had a prime lead-in with The Vampire Diaries (the CW's highest-rated show) and averaged 2 million viewers a week. That's more than both Nikita (1.8 million) and Hart of Dixie, whose latest episode only drew 1.3 million.

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Just yesterday, The CW aired the season (now series) finale of The Secret Circle, which ended with several cliffhangers. Ringer's finale, which debuted last month, was also open-ended leaving viewers in limbo.

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To date, The CW has renewed 90210, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, America’s Next Top Model, plus the aforementioned Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie and Nikita.

They picked up five new hour-long pilots including the Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries. There's also the Beauty and the Beast reboot, the comic book-based Arrow, First Cut and Cult.

Are you shocked by The CW's decision?

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Comments on "Canceled! The Secret Circle loses its magic"

adalyn November 20, 2013 | 3:59 PM

I honestly really loved the secret circle. I watched 22 episodes in 3 days. And I really want it back. Try getting it back it's such a great tv show.

Brittany Miller November 01, 2013 | 4:22 PM

I have waited so long for the Secret Circle season 2 to get back on Netflix to find out now that it is canceled! I am so mad at the end of season 1 I so badly wanted to know who the people are who were just like Cassie and now I can't! Can you at least make a book series to finish it off?

Dutiful October 05, 2013 | 7:30 PM

I watched The Secret Circle while it aired on the CW and continue to relive it on Netflix every so often by watching season 1 from beginning to end. With Blackwell dead and the rest of his offspring making their way to Chance Harbor, the second season would have been gangbusters. I was really looking forward to it. Please bring back The Secret Circle and get on with it. It is way to good to have been cancelled and far better than most of the shows on the air today.

Dylan September 18, 2013 | 2:59 PM

Bring back the secret circle there are so many good shows getting canceled and they left it on so many good cliff hangers!!!!

amanda August 26, 2013 | 10:54 AM

Seriously! The secret circle was so good.Bring back the show please!!!!

lafayette August 19, 2013 | 8:06 PM

I miss the secert circle why canceled it i loved tht show i could not wait for it to come on. You guys must bring them back i miss it very much it was an amazing show. Please iam asking you guys please bring them back on CW tv.

shaunna July 12, 2013 | 8:10 AM

wow i cannot believe they cancelled the secret circle. it was an amazing show and i loved it. I was just looking around to see when season 2 would be on and i found this. i am so disappointed.

vimbai July 12, 2013 | 12:34 AM

you suck....!!!

BRING BACK SECRET CIRCLE!!! July 01, 2013 | 4:30 PM

I just finished watching the secret circle on Netflix. I LOVE it and CW needs to bring it back! I am very upset because it got almost the same amount of views and the vampire diaries and yet they cancel it! BRING IT BACK!!!!!

Danielle June 26, 2013 | 8:49 PM

I watched the ringer and secert circle both great shows and the new shows they choose instead I don't even watch. Bring back ringer and secert circle they were awesome

jane June 18, 2013 | 1:03 PM

please bring back secret circle

Serena April 25, 2013 | 7:33 PM

I believe that you should bring the Secret Circle back. It fits in with that of todays world. It was an awesome show that everyone in the family would watch. Please bring it back.

Heather Ankrom April 18, 2013 | 2:09 PM

I loved watching The Secret Circle!! I really wish it would come back on!! it had so many viewers every week, it should have survived the cut not Nikita!! I personally would rather keep watching The Secret Circle than Nikita. It has more umph to it, has more mystery, magic and action to it than that of Nikita! Please I beg of you bring it back on air this spring!!!

Candance March 21, 2013 | 9:50 PM

Omg what the hell! I LOVED secret circle... Please make a second season, you have no idea how disappointed I was to read this. As corny as this sounds I've been waiting for it to come back on!!!

sam March 19, 2013 | 12:38 PM

i love the secret circle bring it back

lakia March 18, 2013 | 12:51 AM

I love season 1 and to found out there will not be a season 2 is just sad. Please bring back the circle.... please

Leanna March 11, 2013 | 3:51 PM

You can't end the first season the way you did and then give nothing in return. The story is not done and neither is the viewers interest in whats to come. PLEASE bring back the show with season two! ASAP.

Shalonda B. March 04, 2013 | 9:25 AM

Bring back Secret Circle. I'm dying to find out what's going to happen with those mysterious guys that showed up at the end of the last episode of the season. How can you guys just leave us hanging like that?? Unfreakin' believable!!!

Mark February 24, 2013 | 2:17 PM

Secret circle was awesome. I'm done with the can just because they canceled it. The people running it are obviously idiots

Brenda February 05, 2013 | 7:24 PM

Two awesome shows I loved which had me glued to my seat every week I think this was a big mistake to cancel them. Everytime there are really good shows that they get us all interested in they take them away. I much rather watch hour show programs there are to many sitcoms,drama only,and reality stuff. These two shows were more then drama hello!! Im very annoyed,and discussed.

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