More Mel Gibson Tapes?

Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas is not backing down from his claims that Mel Gibson is a violent, anti-Semitic lunatic. Read on to find out his latest revelations.

Joe Eszterhaus

Joe Eszterhas is not accepting Mel Gibson's so-called apology and rebuttal to his claims that the actor is a violent, anti-Semitic jerk -- and now he says he has tapes of Gibson's crazy ranting to back it up.

In an interview on The Today Show, Eszterhas revealed more details of what exactly went down between the two, and it ain't pretty.

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The screenwriter claimed that many of the rants occurred during a visit to Gibson's Costa Rica vacation home, with Eszterhas's entire family present. After one rant, in which Gibson allegedly described a particularly disturbing fantasy in which he stabbed baby mama Oksana Grigorieva to death while engaging in forced anal sex, Eszterhas said his teenage son started sleeping with a knife under his pillow.

"To put that imagery in a 15-year-old boy's head I think is heinous, I think it's vile and I think it's unforgivable," Eszterhas said.

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After they left Costa Rica, Eszterhas said he cut ties with Gibson personally, but he still had a script to deliver -- and that's where the trouble really started.

"One of the red lights that I got was Mel said he wanted to do a movie… that would convert Jews to Christianity," he said. "That's not The Maccabees. The Maccabees truly is a Jewish Braveheart. The piece I wrote is a Jewish Braveheart and I'm proud of it and that's why I asked him in the letter to give it back to me."

And about that letter? Eszterhas would like to remind us that he did not go public with this story, rather someone leaked the letter to the media and he is only defending himself.

"I didn't go public," he said. "Somehow an Internet organ [sic] called The Wrap found my letter and then Mel denied it. I'm not going to stand for people calling me a liar."

As for the video tape that Eszterhas claims to have -- recorded by his son, by the way -- he has not yet decided what to do with it.

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KiKi April 13, 2012 | 10:38 PM

Joe is a talentless putz .... cross him and he will do whatever he can to destroy you. Just ask other people in Hollywood. He thought attacking pariah Gibson would help him get back in. Guess again!

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