Grandma Sarah's War Of Words With Daddy Levi

Sarah Palin believes in a father's right to see his child, but in the specific case of Levi Johnston, words matter. Forget the father, this is grandma knows best!

Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston's claim that baby mama Bristol Palin and family matriarch Sarah Palin are keeping him from regular visitations with 3-year-old son, Tripp, has angered Alaska's most famous family.

"We have never hidden Tripp from Levi or discouraged Levi from spending time with him," Todd and Sarah Palin said in a statement to the press in reply to Levi Johnston's accusations he's being left out of raising his own son. "Any suggestion that we have is false and contrary to our core beliefs."

The Palins went on to share, "The last time either of us recall a conversation with Levi was in the summer of 2010 when Levi sat down at our house with us and personally apologized about lies he told to the media about our family. Neither of us have talked to him since that day."

"We are disappointed that he continues to tell falsehoods about us to garner media attention. We encourage Levi and all non-custodial fathers to be fully engaged and to positively and fully participate in their children's lives. This includes not making misstatements about his child's grandparents."

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On Tuesday, word broke that Levi Johnston is set to welcome a second child with girlfriend Sunny Oglesby. The 21-year-old said during a phone interview, "I love my son Tripp more than anything, but unfortunately I don’t get to see him a whole lot. Myself and my family, we try and see my son a lot — Sunny’s even tried to talk to Bristol and make it right… we did everything we could… and it’s still a big pain. I still am going to fight for Tripp and do everything I can, but I’m really looking forward to being able to raise my new child the way I want to."

Who do you think is telling the truth about visitations with Tripp: Levi Johnston or Sarah Palin?

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Comments on "Sarah Palin on Levi Johnston's fatherhood falsehoods"

Nathalia June 03, 2012 | 8:13 PM

Ohh Mrs. Palin… what a skid mark you are leaving on American poilitcs. Thank you so much for being the poster child of the true Republican “maverick”. I think the next step for this saga is the Jerry Springer Show: “From the Trailer Park to White House Contention and Back Again: What A Long Strange Tripp.”

karma not April 06, 2012 | 5:11 PM

Looks like some folks have nothing better to do than bad mouth about something they know little about. Levi has been proven to be a liar and a fortune chaser by his own admission. Easy enough to figure out someone of his ilk has plenty of motive.

karma April 06, 2012 | 10:30 AM

Who has the most obvious reason to lie? Palin. Who has already been PROVEN to have lied the most? Palin. Who is supposed to be the mature adult? Palin. Sad.

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