Kris Forgoes $7 Million, Tries To Keep Dignity

Sources say Kris Humphries feels his marriage to Kim Kardashian was a sham designed to make her and her family a lot of money. He reportedly turned down Kim's offer of $7 million and demands she issue a public apology.

Kris Humphries wants Kim Kardashian to admit marriage was fake.Uh oh. It looks like Kim Kardashian may not be rid of Kris Humphries just yet. The New York Post reports Kris Humphries demands a public admission from Kim Kardashian that their marriage was fake. In addition, Humphries requests a public apology from her.

Page Six cites sources who say Kris feels "the entire wedding was staged by her and her family."

They say Humphries refuses to move forward with their divorce until she gives in to his demands. Page Six talked to a friend of Kris Humphries who revealed to the newspaper the NBA player is more concerned with his reputation than making money off his pending divorce.

"Kim's camp is depicting him as money-hungry, but in fact he turned down a $7 million settlement. Her camp is putting out stories about Kim's divorce hoping he'll cave in, but he won't." Their source continued, "Kris wants Kim to admit to fraud, to admit the whole thing was staged for publicity, to make a public apology to him because he really wanted a marriage."

And it looks like Humphries is actually serious. Page Six says Humphries "took the unusual step of filing for an annulment based on fraud" and demands Kim report the total amount she earned off of their 72-day marriage.

In March, it was reported Kris asked for $7 million from Kim to avoid him prolonging the divorce.

Kris Humphries married Kim Kardashian on Aug. 20, 2011. It was Humphries first marriage and Kim's second. In October 2011, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries citing irreconcilable differences.

The quick demise of their relationship coupled with the estimated $18 million Kim made from their two-hour E! televised wedding led many to believe the marriage was done for the increased — and very profitable — exposure to the Kardashian family. Inside sources claim Kim has a history of publicity stunts.

A former publicist for Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Jaxson, told RadarOnline in February 2012 that Kim's engagement ring from Humphries was really her own ring purchased during her days with NFL player Reggie Bush. Jonathan explained that in 2007, "Kim wanted to stage a paparazzi moment acting like she got engaged because she was with Reggie Bush at the time, so I did a set up with her with the same ring." Jaxson later issued an apology and said his comments were merely his opinion and "not intended to imply firsthand knowledge of Kim's thoughts and feelings."

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Comments on "Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Admit it was fake!"

Mia Isabelle April 03, 2012 | 8:24 AM

I was one of the biggest fools, to watch this fake/bogus/sham fairytale wedding!! But, in the beginning of all the process I had a strong belief of a gut feeling that it's all a big hoax!!! A Publicity Stunt !! to empower their Kardashian Empire! Why? seriiously why? because this is all how they know to be famous and make millions!! And all this retards of their biggest fans would fall in-love with all their stupidity and lies on the media/public!!! This is how they calculate their millions! By making it such huge!! but it's a lie!! A betrayal for their fans!! And mocking anything that has it's own sanctity! Money and greed is all written on the Kardashian's family!! And if people still believes on this family! It is truly sad!! I'm sad bec. our society hath become to fall for an evil family!! One day , I hope that they all would go away! And for good!!

Sonia Ochoa April 03, 2012 | 8:15 AM

I feel sorry for that girl. It was more than evident that the whole thing was a sham and that poor man was not wise enough to those lewd women and thought the 'love' was genuine. Such a shame. I hope he gets the annulment stamped by the court. He may never get an apology, I can almost bet my life on that one...I mean inexplicable things do sometimes happen. She gives women a bad name...shame on you Kim! kris, stick to your guns proceed with the annulment.

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