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Lady Gaga's former choreographer has broken her silence on why they ended their long-term relationship -- and it kinda doesn't make sense.

Lady Gaga

Did Lady Gaga dump her choreographer and creative director Laurieann Gibson after a huge fight, or was it just a pedestrian case of creative differences?

Gibson, who up until now had not spoken about her former employer since they went their separate ways back in November, tried to set the record straight with ET Canada -- but her explanation doesn't add up.

"Like any collaboration, when [Lady Gaga] got some ideas and wanted to grow in a different direction I was like, 'You know what, go ahead,'" Gibson explained of the split. "I think it reached a point where I wanted to keep the brand that I helped build a little purer… No judgment, but it just got a little dark for me creatively."

No judgment but Gaga got too creepy for her? Weird, considering the fact that she now works for Nicki Minaj and collaborated with the pop star on her much-panned 2012 Grammy performance, featuring a very dark and macabre religious-themed bloodbath.

Gibson doesn't want to talk about that connection, or the extreme criticism the performance received.

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"If we put that much attention into helping each other instead of ridiculing a performance," she said, "maybe then we can really make some change."

In addition to creating bizarre performance art, Gibson also just landed a new gig as a judge on the show Canada Sings.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga went in a decidedly un-dark direction -- for today at least -- when she Tweeted the above fresh-faced, makeup free photo of herself to her Little Monsters.

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Comments on "Lady Gaga got too creepy for her choreographer"

Jacob August 09, 2012 | 8:18 AM

I went to see Lady Gaga in april and let me tell you it was absolutely the most amzinag thing in my life. loved it. I went with my friend and we wanted to get dressed up so we wore dresses and heels. (we were sitting). I was surprised at how many people actually dressed up like lady gaga with the coke cans in the hair and the crime scene tape. I wouldn't wear heels to a concert again unless they were very comfortable and i would think twice about wearing a dress. i'd say a nice pair of jeans, comfortable shoes with a colorful top topped off with lady gaga inspired make-up. If you dress too plain trust me you will stand out, everybody goes all out and gets dressed up. You are very lucky i'd do anything to see Lady GaGa again xx

Riley River March 28, 2012 | 11:30 AM

She's insparational sometimes, but she can be at times very, very, very scary.

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