Celine Dion Heads
Back To Vegas

Celine Dion is on the mend and ready to resume her Las Vegas concert schedule. Want tickets? Read on to find out how to nab 'em.

Celine Dion

Less than a month after being ordered on complete vocal rest by her doctors, Celine Dion is ready to rock again.

"Celine Dion received good news last week during her follow-up examination with Professor Gerald Berke at the UCLA Medical Clinic," a rep for the singer said in a statement. "The rest that Professor Berke prescribed allowed Celine's vocal chords [sic] to recover from their weakened state and it is expected that she'll be back to 100% within four weeks time."

"Celine is scheduled to start working with her vocal coach Dr. William Riley in two weeks and will begin recording songs for her new English and French albums sometime in mid-April," the statement continued. "Celine returns to perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Las Vegas on Saturday, June 9."

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Dion herself spoke up to thank her fans for helping her through yet another vocal crisis, "During this recovery period, so many fans, many of whom were inconvenienced by the canceled shows, have posted kind words of encouragement on my website. I'm so grateful for their thoughts and their support… more than they'll ever know," she said.

The singer had been sidelined by a strained vocal cord at the end of February. "Obviously, this is the worst thing for a singer, not being able to do your shows," she said at the time. "I feel worse knowing that I'm disappointing my fans. I'm so sorry, I hope they forgive me."

Want to catch Celine on your next trip to Vegas? You'll have to wait until June. Her next run begins June 9 and wraps August 19. Get tickets at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Box Office, www.thecolosseum.com or by calling 877-4-CELINE.

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Comments on "Celine Dion's heart -- and voice -- will go on"

rhonda gomes May 25, 2012 | 3:06 PM

Glad Celine is better. I know things happen and people get sick but i was very disappointted.We had saved money to take my sister to vegas and to see her favorite singer celine.A year and a half ago...But my sister at 47 yrs. had a strike. Thank god she is still with us...she has recovered for the most part but the stroke damage her eyes.So we planned the trip again ....She was so excited to go to vegas for the first time and to see her favorite singer.We had planned way ahead. To learn the day we got there the show has been canceled. My sister was heartbreaking needless to say. Sorry for being upset but....the information on the cancelation should have been email out to ticket holders.So maybe we could have changed our plans to come at a different time so she could have seen vegas and celine. She will never be able to go to vegas and see celine again, money wise. So as a sister who thought she had lost her sister a year and ahalf ago . I am venting....THANKS FOR LISTENING

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