Passing The Baton From Oprah To Katie

Finally, Katie Couric's daytime talk show has an official premiere date -- and ABC is working hard to make sure that Katie is worth the wait.

Mark your calendars!Mark your calendars and set your DVRs -- Katie Couric's brand new talk show Katie will premiere on Monday, Sept. 10 at 3 p.m. EST on ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

With the clock officially ticking, the ABC daytime show is revving up for what the network hopes will be a successful launch. With a new logo -- simply the word "Katie" against a swirl design and free of Couric's headshot -- and a few new staff additions, could Katie be the next Oprah for ABC?

Possibly, as the former Today Show host and CBS News anchor will be directed by Joe Terry, who has spent the past 14 years directing The Oprah Winfrey Show. In addition, Katie has also added Kathy Samuels as co-executive producer. Samuels' past work includes Access Hollywood and the launch of Rachael Ray.

Disney/ABC Television Group president Anne Sweeney offered a glimpse of Katie back in June, via The Hollywood Reporter.

"It will be serious at times, obviously informative and fun. Really, a mixture of things we hope people will be interested in," she explained. "It’s not going to be a news show, but we’ll be talking about the news and issues that I think people care about, whether it’s bullying or the effect technology has on our kids. It might be a profile of a navy seal after Osama Bin Laden has been killed; it might talk about women in the military and some of the stresses they experience in re-entry with their families."

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Comments on "Katie Couric's daytime show scheduled for September"

Nancy Marcho July 04, 2012 | 4:54 AM

OMG - not another dopey talk show. ABC shows from morning to night are just a bunch of goofy, giggling adults hee hawing their way through the day - with a liberal amount of Disney self-promotions. Thank God for cable.

mary amos April 10, 2012 | 6:35 AM

Its another stupid talk show which is taking over daytime.We have already heard all this stuff over and over.Now because networks want cheaper shows we all are paying a monthly bill for the same crap day and night.There isn't anything she can talk about we haven't heard are has already been on somewhere else that week.I can;t even watch talk shows anymore because I am burned out on em.Caught the first hour of Today show for breaking news and done.The rest is and lifestyle.Same on same on.Going to cablr and movie channels before I watch all these stupid talk.Everyone wants to be the next Oprah.Well really didn't matter to me she lefted.There was already all kinds of those shows on somewhere day and night.With the flop of Own you would think these networks would see no one wants all this talk,lifestyle and cookig and reality shows.put back on the soaps and then ABC could survive this mess they have created.Millions are only tunning in for Greral hospital only.Done with ABC.

Michael J. Riley April 01, 2012 | 9:05 AM

03/31/2012 KATIE COURIC A TRUE AMRICAN HEROINE Katie you have no ideas how many lives you have saved When I was in my early 40’as Katie was hosting her TV show and lamenting the fact that her husband had recently died from colon cancer. She encouraged her audience to have a Colonoscopy a procedure to detect a disease few were aware of but was killing thousands and had killed her husband and could so easily be prevented by a simple Colonoscopy. She took it the critical one step forward by describing the symptoms of which a major one was blood in the stool upon using the bathroom. At this time, it was not permitted to be so frank and descriptive in describing a disease on national TV but Katie would have none of that. She was very forward and detailed as to how this disease kills and how little was known publicly about it and how important it was to break the Taboo of not discussing the symptoms that surrounded it. She realized how important it was to be straight forward about Colon Cancer and her frankness clearly spoke to me an American male disinclined and reluctant to talk about or to admit to such things as seeing blood in ones stool. That very day, I noticed blood in my stool. Had Katie not had the courage and conviction to be giving her audience a heads up on that day about the death of her husband, encouraging everyone to be screened for the disease and most importantly describing the symptoms I would have ignored the blood that I saw and surely died from the disease. She took a great career risk so bring this disease out in the open. Discussing this hidden killer in such detail on national TV was unheard of and It could have destroyed her career and took tremendous courage. As her warning was so heartfelt and so very descriptive I was motivated to seek medical advice as to my options by mentioning to my doctor Katie’s warnings he agreed and said that it that it would be advisable that I have a colonoscopy which led to the removal of a thumb sized polyp removal of a polyp from my colon. It was a challenging ordeal for me as like Katie this disease was so Taboo is was not easily discussed among doctors and their patients so much so there had to be considerable evidence a condition that generally led to the diagnosis of the disease in its late stage when it was too late to do anything about it. Katie was so convincing I forged ahead. I spent days in the hospital undergoing excruciating tests under the watchful eyes of doubting doctors.I heard of a colorectal surgeon in a nearby city and out of desperation and shear conviction that Katie was right about the symptoms she described and got to see the right doctor. He popped my previous x-rays from the doctors who couldn’t see a thing onto the wall screen and said yeah right there is your problem. The doctor who performed the polyp removal was so sure I had colon cancer that upon hearing the lab results called me at home to give me the news. He was screaming in the phone that the results were negative for cancer I think he was happier than I was at the news. Later upon a follow up screening he told me that had I not discovered the polyp in the nick of time I would surely have quickly died from colon cancer. Since then I have had a colonoscopy frequently and a few minor polyp removals am proud to say thanks to Katie Couric I have lived to be a ripe old age of 68 a full 26 years later I’m still alive and kicking. I’m so sorry that it took your husband’s life to save mine he did not die in vain and surely as you saved my life your work and endeavors to educate others has indeed as it did mine saved many lives. Thanks Katie!! I literally owe my life to you.Good luck Katie with your new show. Mike xmarinemike@yahoo

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