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Zac Efron and 10 other shockingly short male actors

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Hey, Hollywood actors, need a lift? They may be short, but they're still sexy

Sometimes our leading men just don’t measure up. From sneaky red carpet footwear to generous camera angles, these male stars need a little boost.

But as these GIFs prove: Just because you're short, doesn't mean you can't be sexy and oh-so-hot.

Tom Cruise: 5'7''

Tom Cruise GIF

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Arguably the easiest target of ridicule in the Hollywood height community, Cruise has garnered a lot of taunting over the years because of his shorter stature. He's mostly known for playing tough guys and action heroes, and our perception of a guy like that is he should be an enormously tall man. It's no matter to Cruise. He still gets a bighearted heaping of help in elevation everywhere, from his Mission: Impossible films to his red carpet premieres.

Daniel Radcliffe: 5'5"

Daniel Radcliffe

GIF credit:

He's the "Boy Who Lived." Radcliffe can be as short as he wants to be. The pint-size Brit we all grew up watching didn't really grow up. He's been rubbing elbows of Hollywood's elite with his shoulders for a long time, and it looks like things aren't going to change. Oh, well, he still defeated Voldemort to save Muggle-kind.

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Mark Wahlberg: 5'8"

Mark Wahlberg

GIF credit:

The two-time Oscar nominee has done a complete 180 from his early days of Marky Mark and underwear modeling. He still has the body of a chiseled rock, and his acting gets better and better. But this ultra-cut Hollywood titan isn't as tall as you'd think. Wahlberg's taller female costars like Charlize Theron and Heather Graham (both 5 feet 9 inches tall) have had to walk around barefoot next to the hunky star on set. Still, the Boston boy with the sheepish grin proves good things come in small packages.

Dave Franco: 5'7"

Dave Franco

GIF credit:

The younger brother of James Franco, Dave has appeared in several comedies, including 21 Jump Street and Neighbors, alongside Zac Efron (who we'll get to soon enough). Obviously, his height isn't hindering his career.

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Elijah Wood: 5'6"

Elijah Wood

GIF credit:

Elijah Wood will always be Frodo Baggins to us. And we're sure that doesn't help him appear taller in any way.

Seth Green: 5'4"

Seth Green

GIF credit:

This comes as no surprise, but we can thank Seth Green for Robot Chicken — and that's all that matters.

Emile Hirsch: 5'7"

Emile Hirsch

GIF credit:

Who doesn't like Emile Hirsch, especially after Into the Wild? Our favorite 20-something actor may be a little shorter than most, but he's damn talented. Also, that face!

Robert Downey Jr.: 5'8"

Robert Downey Jr.

GIF credit:

Freakin' Iron Man is even on the short list. The comeback kid of Tinseltown hasn't let his shorter size stop him from being a heavy hitter in Hollywood. With already classic performances in the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes franchises, and Oscar nominations for Chaplin and Tropic Thunder, Downey shows us that height plays no role in becoming a movie legend. Check out our profile of Johnny Depp. Does it really matter he barely gets to 5 feet 8 inches?

Zac Efron: 5'8"

Zac Efron

GIF credit:

Sure, we always thought the former Troy Bolton would grow up into a tall, dark and handsome fella. But Zac Efron's muscles make up for the lack of height.

James McAvoy: 5'7"

James McAvoy

GIF credit:

We could never say a bad thing about this handsome, handsome man. So we won't. Just watch his GIF for the rest of the day. You won't regret it.

Kevin Hart: 5'2"

Kevin Hart

GIF credit:

He's only 5 feet 2 inches tall! This one surprised us the most. He does a great job at appearing taller, apparently.

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