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Whitney Houston's lawyer is telling the family's version of why Bobby Brown abruptly left his ex-wife's funeral. Who do you believe?

Bobby BrownWhy did Bobby Brown leave Whitney Houston's funeral, for real? We heard his version of the story -- now hear it from an actual voice of reason.

Whitney's lawyer gave all the details to an Atlanta radio show, and his side of the story sounds pretty reasonable, actually.

"There were three rows reserved for the family up front, Bobby was invited to sit in those three rows with the family," attorney Mark Trigg explained on The Frank and Wanda Morning Show. "Bobby has three older children that he also wanted to bring to the service -- they were invited, his brother Tommy was invited. The understanding was -- and the agreement was -- that the three children would sit with Tommy, a few rows behind the family, while Bobby was permitted to sit in those three rows with scarce seating, with the family."

The trouble started when Brown brought his three kids to the front to sit with him instead of sending them back to sit with their uncle as previously agreed.

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"He and the three children went and sat in the family section. When that happened, security discreetly, politely, respectfully said, 'Bobby, you're welcome to stay here, but we need to ask the three children to please go sit with their uncle given space limitations,'" Trigg said. "That was the deal and there shouldn't have been any problem… At that point, for whatever reason, he took offense at that and at that point, tried to get [Bobbi Kristina] to intervene."

That caused another issue: The agreement also stated that Brown could only have contact with Bobbi Kristina if the teen initiated it herself.

"The other part of our agreement, prior to the service, was… if Bobbi Kristina reached out to Bobby, tried to initiate any contact with him, security was certainly going to make sure that happened," Trigg said. "What was asked of him, however, was that if she didn't initiate that contact, for whatever reason, with whatever was going on in her head and heart and spirit that day, if she didn't initiate the contact, then he was not to reach out for her."

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"Unfortunately, that didn't happen either and when he went to interact with her, that's when security said, 'We would ask you to please go to your seat, please have your children sit with their uncle and let's not have any unnecessary drama here.' That's the point where he, for whatever reason, decided that he wanted to just leave the service," Trigg explained.

Brown left the church shortly before the funeral began, and later released a statement saying he was asked to move three times and decided to excuse himself from the service rather than cause a scene.

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Comments on "Bobby Brown's funeral freak out explained"

Iris Colon February 23, 2012 | 6:26 PM

Bobby Brown was part of Whitney Houston life,,,both have a beutiful daughter..where she was needing her father in that moment. In the funeral,was inneccesary talking about where he and his children needed to be sit. Bobby was doing a good decision to leave the church,,,That things happened to Bobby are not good in front God eyes. Best wishes Bobby. Iris From Chicago, IL

NYC 101 February 23, 2012 | 5:47 PM

My only comments are that between what the family lawyer said and Mr.Brown's own statement realeased, the truth of the seating dispute is somewhere in between. It would stand to reason that who would attend from Mr. Brown's family and where they would be seated would have been agreed to in advance (especially given reports of strained relations between Mr. Brown and Whitney Houston's family). I would have expected Mr. Brown to be seated right next to his daughter Bobbi Kristina to offer his love, comfort and support. But I have to say I would not have expected his family to be with him. Right or wrong he is an ex-husband and a controversial one at that who does not appear to have a solid relationship with is ex wife's family So isn't it more important at such a sensitive and heart breaking time to be the "bigger person" and sit where you are directed (including your family) and stay to honor the memory of Whitney? Having witnessed a similar situation within my own family,where certain individuals were asked to remove themseleves from the front row of an uncle's funeral service by his daughter, it was requested respectfully but firmly and they moved. Did they think they should be up in that front row (yes they did) but did the deceased daugther (who was the next of kin and the one in charge of all arrangements) agree -- absolutely not. I even sat several rows behind and I was family! My sincere condolences go out to Whitney's mother, her daughter and all in her family who loved her.

Susanna Wilson February 23, 2012 | 9:53 AM

I agree with all of the comments above; Bobby Brown was married to Think this goes much deeper, money makes the world go round...Greed greed greed....Houston's know exactly what happened when the King of Pop, MJ, passed "they" are now wealthier than when he was alive. Shameful, shocking celebs.

Pam February 23, 2012 | 7:20 AM

I really think they could have let him and his family set with the family, because those kids loved Whitney and she loved them. It is what it is. Bobbi Kris is Bobby Brown's child and nothing will ever change that. He should be allowed to help his daughter through this. The Bible says forgive and be forgiven...

Betty Crockett February 23, 2012 | 6:15 AM

I also feel it was truely wrong for the family[sissy] to treat Bobby & children in such manner.Bobby was married to Whitney x-amount of years.what amount of anmoisty toward Bobby should have been put aside that day.People are so cruel these days.I'm glad that Bobby left.That lawyer is full of it & so is Whitney's mom. She never liked Bobby.But,one thing for sure[God sits high & looks low.God Bless Bobby & Bobbi Christina..

Sheila Davis February 23, 2012 | 5:31 AM

Bobby Brown and His Children Should Have Been Allowed 2 Sit In The Family Row Infact His Whole Family Should Been Allowed 2 Sit In The Family Row, Whitney Spend Almost Half Her Life With Bobby Brown Y Would U Choose 2 Treat Him Like A Stranger and His Kids New Whitney Well as Well as His Family!

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