Randy Travis Public Intoxication Arrest

Singer Randy Travis was arrested for public intoxication outside a Texas church. Did he simply imbibe in too much Communion wine? Read on to find out.

Randy TravisCountry star Randy Travis was arrested for public intoxication last night after cops found him getting hammered outside a church in Sanger, Texas.

Travis told cops he and his girlfriend got in a fight and that he left to cool off. (Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is rumored to be the day of the highest number of domestic abuse incidents in the country?) When cops stopped to check out the "suspicious vehicle" they found Travis alone with a half-empty bottle of wine.

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"Mr. Travis' speech was slurred and I was beginning to have a hard time understanding what he was saying…" the arresting officer wrote in his report. "Mr. Travis was unaware of his location and kept asking me to take him home."

"We had Mr. Travis step out of the vehicle and as he did he stumbled as he tried to walk."

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The singer was then taken into custody and booked into the Donton County Jail.

Travis apologized for his actions today, blaming his misdeeds on partying a little too hard during the big game.

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"I apologize for what resulted following an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl," Travis said in a statement provided to the media. "I'm committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions."

The "Forever and Ever, Amen" singer was cited and released shortly after.

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Comments on "Randy Travis gets wasted at church"

Crybaby February 08, 2012 | 9:13 PM

Fact #1: He was on church property Fact #2: He was wasted Conclusion: He was wasted at a church. Guess maybe they didn't teach reading comprehension or deductive reasoning at your school?

You bunch of jerks February 07, 2012 | 7:50 AM

Maybe you should read a substantial amount of reports before you post crap on your website. You can be guaranteed that I will never read another thing on this website as well as discourage anyone from reading anything on it. Randy Travis did not stop at a church to get wasted as you attempt to make it sound. That is where he stopped his vehicle and passed out, not to stop and drink as well as you are the only website so far that states anything about him and his girlfriend being in a fight. An opening state of "Randy Travis gets wasted at church is ridiculous and ignorant to post, it makes it sound like he sat in the rear pew with a bottle of booze when they arrested him. You have no right to post crap like that just to get people to read on your website.

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