Because She's "Worth It!"

Madonna is sure to elicit a response amongst fans after defending the high price tag often attached to tickets to see her perform.

Who needs food and shelter when you can spend your hard-earned dollars on tickets to see an aging pop star "Vogue" in leotards and leg warmers?

Her Madgesty fever has officially taken over in anticipation of pop legend Madonna's Halftime performance at Sunday's Super Bowl. And that's not the only big show on the horizon for Madonna.

The "Lucky Star" songstress is hitting the road on a tour to support the release of her forthcoming 12th studio album, M.D.N.A.

"Madonna's going on the road and those tickets will go on sale right after the Super Bowl," Michael Rapino, president and chief executive of Live Nation, confirmed this week.

Yes, tickets will be pricey. In fact, they'll be very pricey.

And the Material Mom wouldn't have it any other way.

Boy toys don't purchase themselves, you know.

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Madonna just gabbed to Newsweek about her planned M.D.N.A. supporting tour and the star was highly dismissive of fan complaints about high ticket prices. She believes it is well "worth it" for music lovers to pony up $300 a pop -- in a recession, mind you -- to see her live in concert.

"Start saving your pennies now," said Madonna. "People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together and come to my show. I'm worth it."

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M.D.N.A. features production by William Orbit, Martin Solveig, The Demolition Crew, Marco "Benny" Benassi and Alessandro "Alle" Benassi, Hardy "Indiigo" Muanza, Michael Malih and Madonna. The lead single, Madonna's Nicki Minaj/M.I.A. collaboration "Give Me All Your Luvin," impacts iTunes this Friday.

The album will be released on March 26.

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Comments on "Forget the stock market: Invest in Madonna tickets!"

Jesse February 29, 2012 | 12:10 AM

SHE IT WORTH IT!! My mom and I bought our tickets today!! =D Nov.1 in St Louis seems SOOO FAR AWAY THOUGH!! =(

Effen February 04, 2012 | 7:12 PM

after years of uptalking independent artist Madonna signs onto another major label. have you heard Madonna talk of Martin Luther King jr. like he's a personal hero? Martin Luther King jr, sought to end inequality and bring justice to the world his message was to end economic strife. He did not believe however in using "black" people or possibly ": people as stage props and the poor for imaging or marketing. Madonna opposed to Dr.King uses others art which is their work for self gain, and also capitalizes on political activisim, its a way to "tap" into others buttons and pocket book. I am all for success-when its not at the cost/expense of others, hopes, dreams and vision. Madonna after her last tour bought herself a 35 million dollar home, the girls school she promoted in Malawi turned out bankrupted and corrupted by her "friends" and was a no go project following-her brother was found homeless recently. She called Lady Gaga a "copycat" -her movie "Swept Away: was a frame by frame remake of an Italian movie from the 70's by Lina Wertmuller. Most of what Madonna says seems interesting too bad its recycled and imitation of those whom had substance and cared., her fans end up with misinformation and mental disorders, false identites. Her other trick is correct past mistakes, she can't cook and according to herself on 20/2- nannies raise her children, what a gal.

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