Madonna Really, Really Dislikes Lady Gaga

Reporters just won't stop asking Madonna about lady Gaga. Luckily, Madonna is all-too-willing to talk about her disdain for the "Born This Way" singer with veiled insults.

Madonna disses Lady Gaga again

Madonna is really, really bitter about Lady Gaga — and reporters are all too willing to fan the flames with their questions. The Super Bowl halftime show star talked Gaga in the latest issue of The Advocate and basically said the Mother Monster is good, but she's no Britney Spears.

"It seems genuine," Madonna told the magazine about her love for gay men. "It seems natural, and I can see why she has a young gay following. I can see that they connect to her kind of not fitting into the conventional norm. I mean, she's not Britney Spears. She's not built like a brick sh**house."

We're assuming she means that Gaga isn't what people view as conventionally attractive — then again, neither is Madonna.

"She seems to have had a challenging upbringing," Madge continued. "And so I can see where she would also have that kind of connection, a symbiotic relationship with gay men."

However, it's what she didn't say that was the most telling. The interviewer asked her what she really thinks about the "Marry the Night" singer — and she gave a non-answer.

"I have no thoughts. What's the question?" she replied.

This is hardly the first time Madonna has spoken out about her heir apparent. The mother of Lola told Newsweek in January that she hears the similarities between "Born This Way" and her song, "Express Yourself."

"I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song," she told the magazine. "I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting."

This came after Lady Gaga insisted that Madonna gave her blessing to the song. Madonna, on the other hand, questioned Gaga's ethics in an interview with French magazine Le Soir.

"As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment to make about her obsessions having to do with me because I don't know whether her behavior is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial," she said.

Gaga, you know you've made it when Madonna feels threatened by your career!

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Comments on "Madonna disses Lady Gaga... again"

Mark March 16, 2013 | 8:07 AM

“We're assuming she means that Gaga isn't what people view as conventionally attractive — then again, neither is Madonna.” Wait, what?! :-s

Cari February 05, 2012 | 6:01 PM

Two original copy cats!!! Of the two give me tickets to a Madonna show any day! Madonna is even at fiftyish something much more polished and better entertainer. Both good one better.....

Missy February 04, 2012 | 1:19 PM

Gaga doesn't copy Madonna's fashion! Does anyone else think Madge is channeling Mae West in this picture?

Missy February 04, 2012 | 1:08 PM

It's sad to see someone like Madonna thinking she's not the center of the universe anymore... Gaga was born when Madonna was huge... Of course she's influenced by artists that have been around all her life... Madonna has been using other stars persona's for years... Be graceful... If you think it's imitation be flattered...

windrider2 February 04, 2012 | 6:11 AM

I had to laugh at Madonna's remark that Born This way was "a wonderful way to re-do my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes...." NO ONE OWNS CHORD PROGRESSIONS. And there are many songs with the same chord progression as "Express Yourself" which is the song Madonna ripped off. The greatest irony is her new single, which has the same chords AND the same melodies as "Bohemian Like You" by the Dandy Warhols. Madonna has been the Queen of Knockoffs for decades; Gaga has more artistry and originality than Madonna will ever be able to beg, borrow or steal from others.

Aaron February 04, 2012 | 1:45 AM

This is the most spun piece of rubbish I've read in God knows how long. I've never been to this site before. I'll remember not to come here again.

Chris February 04, 2012 | 12:44 AM

I just wish that Madonna was as naturally sweet and humble as Lady Gaga, but everyone is different. Gaga has already cited Madonna as an inspiration. So why doesn't Madonna just accept that and stop taking shots at her? They are both beautiful women. They are both talented composers and performers. Madonna will always be the gold standard of pop music. Why can't she accept the fact that Gaga represents the bright and bold future of singer/songwriters? I adore Madonna and my Mother Monster as well.

Chris Riley February 03, 2012 | 8:27 PM

If you think Gaga is a copy of Madonna then you are just as senile as her. Madonna has NEVER done anything on Gaga's level. The only similarities they have are blonde hair and boundary pushing. Madonna pushed boundaries but Gaga broke them down. Lady Gaga IS original. Madonna doesn't OWN pop music and what cracks me up is if Michael Jackson were still alive, he too would be embarrassed by Madonna and would back up Gaga. I almost guarantee it. The big difference between the two is Lady Gaga is a REAL artist and comes up with her work on her own (with help from the haus obviously) but Gaga's thoughts and ideas translate into her work. Madonna hires producers and writers to do everything for her and can't sing to begin with, yet Gaga is the whole package. She is also a HUMAN BEING and has never done a damn thing to hurt ANYBODY. Madonna is a complete . Why should you be embarrassed for Gaga? She's become the biggest star on the planet, what's embarrassing about that? Lady Gaga will never go away and she will continue domination of the music industry and the sooner Madonna and her fans realize this the better.

Darksky February 03, 2012 | 6:33 PM

Soon, in years to come, some new artist will be compared to Gaga,..big deal. It's show bussiness, cat's fight are good for the news..both Madonna and Gaga made millions..both are master in their own rights..this comparisions are a testament of how important this two ladies in show bussiness...salute to both of them.

jay February 03, 2012 | 4:22 PM

MotherMonster is not copying the rich ty over the hill cougar basher part, thank goodness. Have you seen Madonna's video? Kindergarten-ish Lady Gaga's work is so above Madonnas. Madonna never dreamed of doing anything as exciting and clever as Lady Gaga. Not even close. Madonna picks the best out there and say's 'it's a copy of me'???Right! Not!

Alex Haas February 03, 2012 | 3:09 PM

I don't think she's threatened, I think she's annoyed (as any artist would be) that Gaga is copying her music, her fashion, her mannerisms, and her career moves.. Like some psycho stalker. Lady Gaga has way further to go before she has supposedly "made it".. And ripping off a famous artist's style and music is the wrong way to go.. And is backfiring in her face at the moment. Feel more embarrassed for Gaga than anything

Kerra February 03, 2012 | 1:42 PM

Grandma MADONNA is sooooo jealous of Gaga!!!!!! She is just a BURN-OUT now. Looks like her yoga isn't keeping her enlightend anymore; if she has to insult people to get attention.

Dawn Russell February 03, 2012 | 11:01 AM

Madonna ia a has been. I am 50 years old and can look up to Lady GaGa. She should be proud. Madonna is self centered and clearly doesnt get that lady gaga is the queen of pop now. Gaga fans should not buy her record or purchase a ticket to her up coming film. Madonna never made me feel good. Lady gaga does with each song!!!!!!!!!!!!

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