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For all you die-hard Van Halen fans, the wait is over. The band has finally debuted a single from their much-anticipated album, A Different Kind of Truth, set to be released in February. Read on to find out what fans are saying about "Tattoo."

Considering this is the latest Van Halen album with David Lee Roth since 1984, the band has been making waves with their first single release from the album, due out Feb. 7. And with the release of their newest single "Tattoo," some fans are worried that Van Halen has lost their rocker edge. At least that's what many of the comments on the music video's YouTube page suggest.

The song is fairly catchy and has a good beat. No, it doesn't make your bones want to jump up and down, but it's definitely a breath of fresh air after the 28-year wait to rekindle with lead singer David Lee Roth and a 14-year wait since the release of a new Van Halen album.

Last week, Van Halen debuted another new song titled "She's The Woman" at Cafe Wha? in New York, a new song with old vocals from a 1977 demo that was never put on an album. According to an interview with Sammy Hagar by Rolling Stone, the record is believed to include outtakes from the '70s.

"I think it's an interesting thing to do in your old age if you can't come up with fresh, good stuff -- or you can't get along. Because from what I heard, they aren't working with new material. Ed and Dave didn't actually write new songs." Hagar said in the interview.

Do you think Sammy Hagar's remarks ring true? We may just have to wait until February to find out, but even if the whole album is outtakes from their old stuff, it was good to listen to back then, which will make it even better to listen to now!

Watch Van Halen's new single "Tattoo" and judge for yourself on whether or not the band's still got it.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Worth/WENN

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Comments on "Van Halen debuts new "Tattoo""

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carey January 14, 2012 | 3:43 PM

I am a real big fan,however when your doing things over and over that defy common sense, its no wonder your getting what was at best mediocre and this is obvious to what the main problem is?The song writing is terrible and has been the crutch all along because with age comes tired un interesting men who put in less and live more on yesterday.And with out michael anthony it isnt van halen and it wasnt when sammy played for them and gary either.It really is ed and son.I believe david lee roth and sammy hagar should just put the mic down and understand yesterday was over a long time ago.Personally i believe they would have a stronger appeal if they brought in kid rock to bring something different because this is hey lets cash in one last time.And dave is so flamin how can you honestly put your self up to it.The days when they had something clever to write have left.But hey by all means enjoy it if you think its cool just because,i agree we need to know eds off crack now and can see whats important playing cause he really was pretty lost there for a while.

McHotti January 13, 2012 | 11:50 PM

I have to admit this song didn't put a smile on my face when I heard it but I also realize it's because my expectations were too unrealistic, once I realized that I shouldn't expect it to sound as good as anything from the old Roth era I listened to it with a fresh perspective and now I like it more, I would've like to have seen Eddie go back to his earlier sound with his guitar and yeah u can definately tell the difference without Michael Anthony but it's kind of cool seeing that they have 3 actual family members in the band, I seriously hope though that the rest of the cd doesn't sound like this, I'm sure there will be a variety of rockers on it..

JT January 10, 2012 | 6:36 PM

To correct myself. I meant "what fans like me want". Everybody has their own opinion, and I respect that, but I've just read a lot of negative comments about the single, and all the hate kind of puzzles me. It's not amazing, but it's good enough as a start. The album should have more thumping tunes on it. I do agree Michael Anthony is heavily missed in the chorus :)

JT January 10, 2012 | 6:26 PM

It's funny how cynical the world is nowadays. This would have fit perfectly on 1984. There's nothing wrong with that. That is actually what fans want. . .classic Van Halen. If they tried something more modern sounding, people would say that they are old and have lost their edge. They are doing classic sounding VH and they're getting crap for that too. They can't seem to win. I think it's great and shows a more mature sounding version of the classic. Can't wait for the album!

Walter Sobchak January 10, 2012 | 5:21 PM

It's AWFUL....very disappointing.

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