Suri Cruise Wants It All For Christmas

Suri Cruise doesn't want much for Christmas -- she just wants everything!

Suri Cruise has a $130,000 Christmas wish list

What's on your Christmas list this year? If you're like us, you're asking for the usual: Clothes, tech products and some BluRays.

We were excited about our gift lists — until we saw Suri Cruise's Christmas list. The fashion plate daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is asking for $130K worth of super luxe gifts and we're sure she's getting all of them.

The main gift? A pony, of course. What little girl doesn't want a pony? Except that Suri's parents have the means to actually get her one. She reportedly wants a $100K horse and Tom has already found a stable in Beverly Hills to keep it.

Also on the list are $15,000 diamond earrings and $1,500 gowns to "make her look like a princess."

"Suri is very mature and knows what she wants," a source told InTouch Weekly. "Tom and Katie love the holidays and always go overboard… they are buying Suri absolutely everything she asks for."

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Of course they are. The little diva already has a $100,000 tree house and more shoes than most adults. Katie claims they don't spoil Suri, though — instead, they let her figure out her own way in life.

"Recently, Suri and I were taking a walk and a fight got started because it was cold outside and she didn't want to wear her coat," she told InStyle earlier this year. "My philosophy is, well, fine, because after a block of walking you're going to ask me for your coat. So the pictures of her [without a coat in cold weather] are sort of embarrassing, but I said, 'Suri, I'll take the hit. Just put it on when you get cold.'"

Life has to be a lot easier to figure out when you have a pony and designer gowns, don't you think?

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Do you think Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are raising a spoiled Suri?


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Comments on "Check out Suri Cruise's $130,000 Christmas list"

CLH December 25, 2011 | 2:32 PM

Let's be real here people, if I could give my children everything in life and if I thought that would keep them from having to deal with dissapointments in life, you bet I would. The fact is this isn't realistic for most people, it is for them. If I could I would spend an obscene amount on my children, but that doesn't happen. As parents we want the best for our children and sometimes it is easy to be jealous of what others have and can do for their children that we cannot. Them buying her things isn't going to make her a horrible person one day as I have seen the articles also of their giving and sharing with others, so what? Should they give it all away, would that make her an upstanding adult one day??? Get a grip people..she is 5, and it is kids have put just ridiculous things on their Christmas list, only difference is I can't afford it, Sur's parents can.

Sue December 25, 2011 | 7:13 AM

Spoiled?? I don't think that even begins to describe it!!! Sad that this little girl will never want for anything. She will grow up expecting everything she wants to happen and will not know how to handle disappointing moments in life. Very sad

BEV December 24, 2011 | 1:52 PM


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