Can Terra Nova be saved?

Will Terra Nova Become Extinct Or Live On?

All the CGI technology and beautifully-shot locales in the world might not be able to save Terra Nova from an early extinction.

Fox is on the fence about giving Terra Nova another shot to nibble at ratings with a season two go-ahead, and we can't blame them.

Fox was initially pleased when Terra Nova took third place in the ratings when it debuted back in September.

That wasn't so bad considering Two and a Half Men and Dancing with the Stars took the No. 1 and 2 spots.

That was pretty stiff competition for Steven Spielberg's CGI-heavy vehicle about time travel and saving the planet. Did we mention there are dinosaurs?

Now, months later, the show is sitting in limbo. Will the network put its faith in a second season? Can it possibly be saved?

We're not going to argue with the fact that Terra Nova can hook a younger audience. But what about the adults?

If they can find a way to keep both parties happy, maybe the show will eventually see a larger jump in numbers, hence keeping the network satisfied.

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At this point, Terra Nova seems to have come to a stalled state where numbers are concerned -- not moving up much and not moving down.

According to TVLine, their season one finale, which just aired Monday (Dec. 19), brought the show up a mere 4 percent in total viewers.

That's enough to show the network it's at least not dropping. Then again, it's not growing by leaps and bounds either.

It could come down to a money thing. This is a very expensive show to make. Fox needs to see the money spent is bringing in a fan base.

It's simple math -- should they put up the budget for so-so ratings?

Whatever they decide, it has to be soon. A production like this needs time for both writing and special effects -- that leaves no room for error if they want to make a good showing when fall rolls around again.

Do you think Terra Nova will survive extinction?

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Comments on "Can Terra Nova be saved?"

Nate December 21, 2011 | 12:27 PM

Terra Nova doesn't need a complete remodeling. It just needs to give the viewers what we want. Which is more of the Taylor and Mira hunting fun/ survival outings and less spider song family time. The show has that opportunity if renewed for a second season with an introduction to the Badlands. It doesn't have to be Breaking Bad, but nobody wants Dora the explorer.

Dylan December 21, 2011 | 8:42 AM

I think that it would be a huge success (especially after the finale). I will admit, although I was excited for it to start (and it started off great), the middle episodes were painful. The show has great potential, and I hate to see it cancelled just because they didn't get their act together and make it more of a TV-14 show. Loved the ending, added a bit of a LOST touch, with the relic found. More of that and it could be the replacement we've been waiting for. Make every episode like the finale, suspenseful, action packed, epic and make the viewers proud that they never gave up on it! To sum up: 1. More mystery/cliff hangers to keep the audience on a leash and keep em' coming back for more. 2. Ease up on the audience expectations. By this I mean, don't target kids. There are more adults that watch a television series, and there always will be. 3. Better promote the show. Maybe more advertisements in-between more popular shows such as House or Glee. Maybe target the audience of Fringe, seeing as they're both Sci-Fi shows and Fringe's audience is pretty loyal. More or a mystery element, target adults and better promote the shows. Why let about $50 million go to waste just because you didn't give the show another chance? Don't create another Firefly incident FOX! Just my take on it. Cheers, Dylan.

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