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In a shocking X Factor elimination, 13-year-old powerhouse Rachel Crow was sent packing from the FOX talent show on Thursday. Crow's exit followed an explosive decision by judge Nicole Scherzinger. Will the increasingly unpopular Pussycat Doll be the next star sent packing?

Five X Factor finalists — Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene, Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty — took the stage on Thursday's highly emotional results show.

But only one went home.

Both Crow and Canty found themselves in the bottom two, but it was fan-favorite Rachel who was eliminated after the four judges deadlocked over the singers' "save-me songs."

Marcus belted out a version of "I'm Going Down" by Mary J. Blige, who performed earlier in the night. Rachel sang "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James.

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When it was time for the judges to cast their votes, Simon Cowell threw his support behind his protégé Crow. Paula Abdul concurred.

L.A. Reid, on the other hand, sided with his charge, Marcus, one of the show's two least-favorite acts three weeks running.

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger was given the deciding vote. But she had a difficult time choosing between the two contestants on the chopping block.

"I can't make this decision because... I know how it feels and I love and adore both of you. I have to go to deadlock," the singer cried.

"Please don't cry," Rachel told Nicole from the stage, grabbing host Steve Jones' mic. "It's OK, I'm good with anything."

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Nicole then voted for Rachel to go home, tying things up two votes each.

"I'm gonna — I don't wanna… send you home Rachel, I just don't wanna, so I'm — the act that I'm gonna have to send home is Rachel," Nicole said, immediately eliciting boos from the audience.

"That means the judges lose their power and we look back at how you at home voted. The act that got the lowest amount of votes will be leaving the competition," Jones explained.

Rachel, 13, collapsed in a fit of tears upon learning that she'd been taken out of contention for the X Factor grand prize: a $5 million recording contract.

The audience jeered and booed Nicole as the young girl dissolved into sobs.

Crow eventually composed herself and told the audience, "I love you so much, everybody, for voting for me and thank you for giving me this because without you I am nothing. I hope this is not my ending. I know it's not and I will go so far. I promise you!"

Cowell added, "She went out on the highest she could have gone out. We're going to be hearing a lot more from Rachel Crow, I can give you my word on that."

When asked by Steve if she wanted to make any comments, Nicole turned away after being booed by the crowd.

Last week, Scherzinger helped rally another mob of angry fans when she and Abdul kicked teen singer Drew Ryniewicz off the show. Both women were on the receiving end of death threats and vicious commentary on Facebook and Twitter over their controversial decision to instead keep Canty in the competition over Drew.

According to British weekly Now Magazine,  Cowell is mulling a possible casting swap that would send Scherzinger — originally tapped as an X Factor co-host — back to the show's London faction. X Factor UK judge Kelly Rowland, a former Destiny's Child girl bander, would then replace her on the Los Angeles-based show.

"Simon thinks [Rowland] will be amazing on the US show," said an insider, who noted that Scherzinger has had a "mixed reaction in the U.S."

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Comments on "Rachel Crow sent home in shocking X Factor elimination"

jowy December 16, 2011 | 12:24 PM

Nicole needs to leave the show. She is simply a lousy judge. Kelly will be perfect as a replacement.

curly833 December 10, 2011 | 3:48 AM

No Way Rachel should have went home-Get people who can make decisions-it was clear to me who gave the best performance in the sing off. Marcus has been bottom 2 for a reason-HE CAN'T SING!!!!!!!

Geraldine December 09, 2011 | 3:44 PM

This is bull, I never though I will start hating this show!!! I always watch this show but things change no I will never will watch this stupied show!!! I really though that Rachel crow will win this show! She the reason why I watch this show, her elimination is completely stupid!!!!!!!

Dreamer December 09, 2011 | 9:22 AM

I agree, Nicole should be fired. She knew Rachel was the best in the sing off and would not make the decision to send Marcus home. Simon needs to send her packing or the show is down the toilet! I think it is stupid to have the sing off when the judges are not going to make a decision on who to send home. Grow up judges and act like adults and judges and do your job or get out!

Ed Marquez December 09, 2011 | 8:55 AM

The format of this show is stupid, because the judges are always going to vote for their teams' acts. Judges should be impartial. You cannot have the same trainers judging the opposing acts, because they will try to put down the competition to save their teams. In addition, this format is too British for America. It's offensive to see the judges insulting each other and voting against an act to get even with a fellow judge. The Brits are used to that, because they see it every day at the government level on their Parliament. This format is unfair to the contestants, because they could end up leaving before their time. American Idol has a better format and provides a fair level field for all contestants. I love singing competitions, but I am totally turned off by this show.

Bella von Pressentin December 09, 2011 | 7:20 AM

Nicole should be fired--she does not have the professionalism to be a judge. Both she and Paula Abdul abdicated their responsibilities--when Paula had 2 of her contestants and she had to pick she did not. Nicole did the same. Hire people who can make decisions. LA Reid said he was "being true to his principles" -- if he was he would have voted for who did the BEST "save me song" --that was Rachel Crow. I am over this show.

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