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There's no love lost between Jesse James and the boys from American Chopper. Read what they had to say about their simmering feud.

Jesse JamesIn a two-night special Jesse James battled Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. for custom bike supremacy -- but the feud extends beyond the American Chopper TV screen.

Calling the Teutuls nothing more than "cake decorators," James says the father-son pair know nothing about building bikes. Neither "would even know how to turn any of my machines on, let alone use them," James said.

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Rather ungracious coming from someone who was asked to be a guest on the Teutuls' show -- they did James a favor to help him revitalize his career. Back in the day they were TV rivals, with James' Monster Garage battling American Chopper.

"I would not have invited [James]," the elder Teutul said in an interview with the LA Times, "because he's a jerk. The way he's coming off, it's like he's doing us a favor. If he gets a show, it's great. I hope he does. He hasn't been doing anything, and now all of the sudden he's back. My question is, Why's he back?"

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He's back because Discovery Channel wanted him back, and thought the competition would be the perfect venue.

"Across the board, what works is authenticity," said American Chopper executive producer Christo Doyle. "Jesse's the real deal. He's a legitimate bike-builder, and now he's getting back to the craft that made him who he is. People respect that aside from the other stuff that he's been sucked into."

Doyle is working on a pilot with Jesse James that could be on the air as soon as spring 2012.

James knows he ticked off the Teutuls. He told TMZ, "The senior is cool but the kid's like wound up tighter than a watch... I think he's gonna want to fight me."

We think Paul would win.

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Comments on "Jesse James: American Chopper dudes "wanna fight me""

Seraphina January 10, 2013 | 3:21 PM

Paul Jr. is a much better bike builder than Jesse James. Paul has won both Biker Build Offs voted by the public. Jesse your last bike was ugly.

eric March 29, 2012 | 4:48 AM

The only thing that really matters is the work they do. Junior's work is so much better than JJ. On monster garage, the team did tons of the work, jj was more like a director that didn't do all that much fabricating. don't get me wrong, I liked monster garage, and sometimes thought jj's tough guy act was a scam cause every once in a while he did something really nice for someone or took time out to teach something to someone. Now I think the guy its nuts. His head grew too big and he thinks his stuff is the best. The guy is just a jerk and Discovery is making a mistake giving him a show. definitely not something I will watch.

Ice December 29, 2011 | 11:21 AM

Who cares who wins a fight? What are you, 12 years old? Jesse James is an overrated builder who barks louder that he bites. There are thousands of guys who don't have TV shows who are as good or better than Jesse. Paul Jr's designs may not be your cup of tea but he's got unbelievable vision. Sure... theme bikes may be "cake decorating" but it pays the bills and BTW.... try it sometime, it's not that easy. I also like that Paul Jr (or Sr) doesn't run his mouth telling everyone how great he is and how much everyone else sucks. Only d-bags do that.

MRob December 08, 2011 | 10:32 AM

James should stick to something he's good at, like baking penis cakes. What a D-Bag! He's an uneducated, low-life, bottom feeder!

Kali! December 07, 2011 | 5:59 PM

Jesse James was formerly employed as a body guard for the likes of Glen Danzig/ Soundgarden among others! Paul Jr whines to much, let alone trying to scrap with someone who grew up fighting and later was employed as for lack of a better term "Goon"........ummm good luck Paul jr better pack a lunch and a blanket cuz when you wake up you'll be cold and hungry, just let it go! Accept the truth! You are just a cake decorator!

Daniel December 07, 2011 | 1:25 PM

"Your in out of your mind if you think Paul T. Jr. would win in a fight with Jesse James." Jesse tries to act like a tough guy, but Jr. is younger, in better shape, and a damned good wrestler. Jr. would wrap Jesse up in under a minute.

Z December 06, 2011 | 9:08 PM

Your in out of your mind if you think Paul T. Jr. would win in a fight with Jesse James.

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