NBC Nearing Deal With Shock Jock

Could America’s most famous radio DJ be in line to replace outgoing judge Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent? Rumors say the deal includes $20 million and some bicoastal maneuvering!

Listen up, talent show fans. Shock jock Howard Stern will bring his loose-lipped commentary to the judging panel of NBC's America's Got Talent (AGT) on two conditions: The tough-talking New Yorker gets a $20 million contract and show production shifts from the City of Angels to the City That Never Sleeps.

Any takers?

Stern is nearing a deal with The Peacock to replace outgoing pundit Piers Morgan on the popular show, according to new reports. Such an agreement would position the notorious hellraiser alongside returning Talent judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel and the show's host, Nick Cannon, when the show returns for a new season in 2012. The New York Post cites well-placed insiders who say the outspoken Stern is anxious to join AGT, but he'll only accept the job if he can continue hosting his self-titled morning drive show on SiriusXM Radio.

Translation: Howard's appointment would mean Talent's entire summer talent competition would have to move from its series-long homefront in Los Angeles to Howard's East Coast homebase in New York City. Some close to the negotiations fear the bicoastal upheaval could spark show-altering changes for AGT:

"Moving it to New York would mean over 100 people losing their jobs if they don't move with the show. And inconvenience for Howie and Sharon, who wants to spend more time with her husband, Ozzy. Another idea would be for the show to stay in LA and Howard to be a part-time judge."

Stern didn't exactly refute the whispers that he's in talks for the TV gig during a chat with his Sirius audience last week, but he was careful not to reveal too many details:

"Everyone knows I love America's Got Talent. I think it's the greatest and I would be certainly honored to sit with Howie [Mandel] and Sharon [Osbourne] and judge these lunatics," he said. "I take show business very seriously. If I was a judge on there, there would be no nonsense whatsoever. I would be there for the talent. I would be there to actually find somebody good… I'm not going to comment if I'm in negotiations… I don't comment on negotiations."

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This isn't the first time Howard's been courted as a potential reality show judge. In 2009, he offered to replace the departing Simon Cowell on American Idol — for a massive payday, of course.

"There isn't a better job on the planet than sitting there judging that [expletive] karaoke contest," Stern said on-air that February. "And, you know, if they're gonna hire me, they gotta pay me a ton of [expletive] dough."

Would Howard be a good choice to replace Piers on America's Got Talent?

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Comments on "Howard Stern wants $20 million to judge America's Got Talent"

Brett Lewandowski November 27, 2011 | 8:05 AM

Eleanor is so typical of the close-minded people whose opinion is formed from what she hears from her up-tight friends. God forbid, no one should ever talk about real things in life that affect everyone. Howard can be crude, but no one does it more honestly, or funnier. You Will Watch,..Eleanor,...you know you will.

RS November 26, 2011 | 5:46 AM

Absolutely agree with you Richard, hes worth double that for the audience and press he'd bring to the show. Elenor, I'd bet you haven't listened to his show, especially since he got to satellite.

Eleanor Skinner November 24, 2011 | 8:47 AM

You're kidding right. I watch AGT and I don't want to look at Stern, as all I can think of when I see him what an unattractive, foul mouthed dirty old man he really is. He is not worth 20 dollars never mind 20 million. Don't make a stupid mistake by hiring him.

Richard November 23, 2011 | 10:17 AM

Just $20 million dollars? He is worth a LOT more when you consider that he single-handily saved the multi-billion dollar satellite business by bringing his audience to Sirius Radio when it only had 600k listeners and became the catalyst for subsequent merger with the much larger XM Radio at the time. Seems too cheap to me ..... another zero needs to be added.

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