Is Chaz Bono A Misogynist?

Chaz Bono may have become the poster child for transgender people everywhere, but he can count one other celebrity kid out of his fan club: Warren Beatty's transgender son.

Chaz BonoThink Chaz Bono is the only transgender kid in Hollywood? Think again. Cher's kid shares his journey with the child of another big star -- but that doesn't mean they are BFFs.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's son Stephen Ira -- born a girl named Kathlyn -- says Bono is a misogynist and that when he speaks on transgender issues, he speaks only for himself.

Ira took his concerns to his blog, where he wrote, "Chaz has appointed himself as the representative of a group of people who are not all like him. He has said misogynistic and prescriptivist things about gender. I take particular issue with his comments on trans embodiment and on women."

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He went on to cite various examples including Bono's comments about his original gender being a birth defect, breasts, the female sex drive and that women talk too much -- which you can read in the lengthy blog post -- and says that Bono's allegedly obvious hatred of women means he is alienating a big chunk of the transgender community.

"Chaz is a misogynist. He is a trans man who seems to believe that his female-assignedness and his female socialization makes him immune from being a misogynist, and he is manifestly wrong."

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"Chaz is ignoring the needs and lives of many people who belong to the very group he purports to represent and to fight for," Ira wrote.

"This man doesn't represent our community. He especially does not represent those of us who are non-binary, non-op, women or feminist men. Chaz needs to do some hard thinking about what it means to appoint oneself representative of a whole group without considering the desires of all the group's members."

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Ira stated in a follow-up blog post that he is not trying to start a war with Bono but a conversation in their community. "I'm not 'infuriated,' or trying to start something, or any of that," he wrote. "Don't put that on me. I am just a guy who tries to point out f*cked up things in an effort to make the world better!"

Chaz Bono so far has not commented on the rant.

If not for the fickleness of Hollywood romance, Chaz and Stephen could have been sisters-turned-brothers: Bono's mother Cher dated Ira's father Beatty back in the day.

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Comments on "Chaz Bono hates women says Warren Beatty's son"

GetReal November 20, 2011 | 8:19 AM

This is going to sound shallow and petty, but I'm so sick of Chaz and his bloated, smug appearance. Lose some weight already! Stephen Ira Beatty is a cutie and I'd much rather look at him. Chaz may be a trailblazer but this is show biz - we'd rather see something good-looking. Sorry!

lovely November 19, 2011 | 12:57 PM

I can honestly say as a woman who is in a loving relationship with a trans gendered man who self identifies not as a transman only as a man that Chaz Bono is on point….my boyfriend is every bit of a typical type of man that Chaz described….like oh my goodness….in my relationship we laugh at the following scenario: Me = long, winding, multi – pages of text messages and convo full of details My Boyfriend = ok As in…that is his general response to my never ending chatter….regardless if it is text….email or phone convos (which are far and few in-between) funny thing is that when I rant and rave to my supervisor, my team lead, and my best friend all men..They all give me that exact same response = ok… If men and women spoke the same language at all times there wouldn’t be a gulf in the battle of the es nor would there be a hundred books dedicated to understanding gender differences as in communication styles…. Chaz = man = ok…. LOL Lovely

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