Did Kris Humphries'
Parents Diss Kim?

Did Kris Humphries' parents drive Kim Kardashian to file for divorce after just 72 days of marriage?

Even though Kris Humphries' parents, William and Debra Humphries, have said how much they adore Kim Kardashian, the reality star says that this was not the case at all. In fact, she is telling friends that they didn't like her or her family — and his parents didn't even want them to get married!

Kris Humphries' parents at Kim Kardashian wedding

According to TMZ, Kardashian is telling friends that her in-laws "belittled" her and were "nasty" to her family — and she is even saying that this behavior was caught on camera. Something tells us this could be the footage that airs during sweeps week on Keeping up with the Kardashians!

"It's ridiculous that Kris' family is making Kris look like the victim," Kardashian has reportedly been telling her friends. In fact, she points the finger at the in-laws as being partly to blame for their short-lived marriage.

Kardashian's remarks are in stark contrast to her in-laws' recent remarks, who recently spoke out saying they were "crushed" that she decided to file for divorce and they feel like she is making a huge "mistake" for giving up on their son. They say Kim never gave the marriage a chance and they believe that the couple can still salvage their marriage. Sources say that the Humphries are hoping the divorce doesn't go through because, "it would kill Kris."

Kardashian is not only upset about her in-laws, but she's also upset over reports that her short-lived marriage was a sham. The couple was married in an extravagant wedding that cost $10 million (that they didn't have to pay for) and reportedly earned around $18 million from sponsors and other TV and photo deals, however Kardashian is now denying she earned "millions of dollars off the wedding."

"Sometimes marriages end… rapidly. Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake," she says.

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Comments on "Kim Kardashian: The in-laws hated me!"

michigangirl November 14, 2011 | 6:35 AM

Why are the kardashians anybody anyways???? I don't care if Kim marries, divorces or stands on a street corner. To me she is no one and I don't care what she or her family does. I don't buy anything of theirs and that's it!

DC Diva November 09, 2011 | 12:45 PM

Kim Kardashian and all of the Kardashians will do anything for money it starts with their money hungry mother Kris who married her father's best friend for money she hates that funny looking man and shes only in it to maker herself look good she promotes her daughters to be famous from whoring and dating different guys Khloe and Lamar are at least in LOVE Kim is a bs PERIOD..She needs to stop her antics before she has no fans at all.

Belinda November 05, 2011 | 9:55 AM

I use to like Kim; but now, she is sooo stuck on herself until she makes me sick. I believe the wedding was a sham because of the way the prenuptial was written. It's just that Kim wanted someone she could "BOSS" around. I don't believe his parents were against her. Her mother forgot to even order cars for his family for the wedding. Kim had to remind her right in front of Kris Humphries. How sick is that!!!!!! KIM GET OVER YOUR SELF!!!!!!

fishhook November 03, 2011 | 11:55 AM

It can be extremely painful when a person gets snobbed or hated by an In-law, especially if the other spouse remains neutral or uncaring. Everyone can criticize but think of it from Kim's side too - she is famous, independent and out-going. She courted Kris for only a short time without knowing all about his family. High-speed marriages often crash that way.

timeforchange November 02, 2011 | 2:22 PM

A Jenner/Seacrest production - quickie marriage; Kris H. bought/paid for. The wedding made them all millions at other people’s expense and in time for season finale. Now divoce in time for KK Take NY kick off? The Kardashians have underestimated their “fans.” who are angry and feeling duped. BOYCOTT and they’ll be gone -don’t watch the show. Don’t buy their products. E-mail the shopping channels that hawk their merchandise -let them know you’ll be boycotting K. products and the channel too. Same with the manufacturers of products they endorse. Let the backlash,boos and boycotting begin.

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