Poor Brit: Ticket Prices Are Slashed Over 50%

Britney Spears has hit a career low point: Her concert tickets in the UK aren't selling.

Britney Spears UK ticket sales sufferBritney Spears' Femme Fatal tour was a major success in the United States as was the album, reaching over a million sales and it was certified platinum in April 2011. While her total record sales -- over 32 million -- showcase Spears' longevity as an entertainer, fans in the UK aren't exactly lining up to see her live.

Concert promoters are shocked since they expected the tour to sell out. Her upcoming show in Birmingham on Oct. 30 has sold only half the tickets (about 8,000 remain). Trying to stimulate sales, ticket prices were cut in half (from $88 to $44), but that has failed to bring any real activity. The next step was to offer a deal through the discount site Groupon, which many have cited as a major sign the ticket sales are even worse than insiders originally thought.

Live Nation was quick to respond to those rumors, saying their relationship with Groupon was strategic and not financially motivated. "Offering a deal on Groupon is not a reflection of the quality or status or sales of a show." However, the actual deal offered through Groupon does seem to be based, in part, as a larger effort to sell Spears' tickets (and sell them fast). Groupon's Femme Fatale ticket sales not only reflect the recently slashed price of $44, but if users buy 10 tickets they receive two free. What would normally cost you over $1,000 will now set you back just over $400.

While it's noticeable Britney Spears' ticket sales are way down, what isn't clear is why. Like the United States, the economy is weak in Britain with high unemployment rates. Yet, some say fans just aren't interested in seeing the 29-year-old popstar live given her continuous string of lackluster live performances with less-than-great choreography execution.

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Comments on "Britney Spears UK ticket sales are way down"

brett July 11, 2013 | 11:21 AM

i think britney spears should go back on 2013 tour i dont care what anybody thinks anyway i love you britney spears

James October 26, 2011 | 4:22 PM

Could it be because people are finally realizing that they are paying for expensive tickets to watch some tart lip-sync onstage, as opposed to seeing someone who has real talent, and who actually SINGS onstage--and sings well? Britney Spears has made her living by lip-syncing onstage to a recorded track of her auto-tuned singing. And her singing sounds like a drunken Mickey Mouse having a seizure. She should have learned from Milli Vanilli--if you're going to lip-sync, then lip-sync to someone who can actually sing! Maybe now, people want substance instead of just image.

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