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Keep Dancing!

A sea of boos erupted from the Dancing with the Stars audience after Carson Kressley's Tuesday night elimination, but don't feel bad for the fashion-man -- he's going to keep on dancing.

Carson Kressley took his Dancing with the Stars elimination like he took his time on the dance floor -- with a positive outlook.

When Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night, boos could be heard from every which way -- and that was just from the audience.

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Us Weekly caught up with Kressley backstage, and let's just say he saw the elimination coming: "[Anna and I] were like, 'We're toast... we're a crouton,'" he told the magazine.

Carson kept things light during his time in the ballroom and his exit was no different. He joked with Us Weekly in regards to the video montage, "I was like, 'Oh my God, it's like I've died!'"

Despite knowing he was "toast," Carson Kressley is taking a lot away from his time with partner Anna Trebunskaya.

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Kressley said of his pro partner: "Anna's so patient and so kind -- she's like a hot Mother Teresa," adding, "This process has made me so aware of my body, my posture [and] the way your clothes fit and how people move and charisma and confidence. I'm going to keep dancing!"

Carson and Anna plan to continue the friendship they have forged for a very long time.

Kressley said, "We have a really special bond because we spent hours and hours together. She's probably going to name her first baby after me. Boy or girl, it works either way."

Always kidding, isn't he?

Some of his dancing co-stars took to Twitter to show their disappointment over Kressley's exit. Rob Kardashian tweeted, "You will be missed @CarsonKressley! :(."

What did you think of Carson Kressley's Dancing with the Stars exit? Even though he knew he was "toast" do you think he still deserved to go home?

Some rumblings are claiming Hope Solo should have gone home. Head over to our comments section and sound off.

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Comments on "Dancing with the Stars : Carson Kressley knew he was "toast""

buddy October 21, 2011 | 10:34 AM

i loved carson he was the best why did he have to go!

wendymaddy October 20, 2011 | 3:32 PM

Obviously, Chaz should have gone home the very first week,as far as quality of dancing is concerned. Why she is still here when much better dancers have been axed is anybody's guess. Maybe the audience didn't care for the pompoms and the baby blue silky outfit trimmed in gold. I, for one, would have preferred to see Carson treated like every other contestant with respect to costuming, instead of putting him in flagrantly attire that was embarrassing to watch. He's a sport, all right. Chaz, on the other hand, has been wearing the most macho outfits of all the dancers, which is really too bad, since she was a delightfully winsome female before she lost her mind completely. Not a great beauty around the eyes, perhaps, but had a nice expression in them, and she should have gone on with more albums, since both her parents are musical and she apparently can write and perform songs and play instruments. What a waste of her talents her life has been since that album came out! Forget the ual deviance sidetrack and get therapy, woman! It's about you being the talented person you were born to be, not some weird, maladjusted male wannabe. You were assigned a gender, but wanted apparently to be what your father was because you look a lot like him, but if you just get your thoughts together with a good counselor, you could heal and become what you were designed and intended to be. I had wondered for a long time why you were never heard from before you did your gender bender schtick. You were a wonderful female! Too bad you didn't appreciate your own charms! As a dancer, she is quite graceful, and no amount of beards, mastectomies, razor haircuts, and Rocky Balboa costumes can cover up the fact that she is a very successful girly girl, and doesn't appreciate that fact at all! What a waste!

Geraldine Craft October 19, 2011 | 4:12 PM

I was not happy at all with the comments made by Lynn (the judge). It was obvious that he was not happy with Chyna leaving last week and made up his mind that Carson should go. He's done that before with contestants. Also I feel there was prejudice shown. I honestly see no difference between Carson and Chaz. He also has much difficulty dancing but always receives good comments from the judges. Either they like you or they don't and their feelings show it. I think that their comments are more hurtful than their scores given. I frankly that Carson was good last night.

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