Joe Jonas' Fastlife Out Now

Joe Jonas' debut album is getting a shellacking from some critics. What's wrong with Jonas' first solo effort?

Middle JoBro Joe Jonas just released his debut solo album, Fastlife, much to the delight of his female fans. The album is Jonas' first foray into the music business without the safety net of his brothers.

Joe Jonas debuts Fastlife

"It was scary in the beginning, just because I knew this is my one opportunity to show people my journal: the good and bad of every relationship I've been in, you know, [and] what I look for [in relationships]," he told MTV News of his decision to release a solo album.

However, not everyone is feeling Jonas' solo effort.

"It seems like Jonas took all the right steps to making a decent album. Too bad the result is poor," said Mesfin Fekadu, critic with the Associated Press.

"Overall, Fastlife is lifeless. Vocally, the 22-year-old Jonas is boring: He lacks energy when he sings, and even he doesn't seem interested in what he's singing about."

Fekadu goes on to say that Jonas' songs like See No More and Just in Love are mostly about the downside to love "and sonically, most of the songs play like Timberlake and Brown leftovers. Jonas doesn't add much to the mediocre tracks throughout the album, and on some songs he even sounds robotic," he added.

The Washington Post's Allison Stewart said Jonas gave a solid effort in Fastlife. "Fastlife works best when it stays mild (like I'm Sorry which sounds like a great lost Backstreet Boys ballad)," she wrote. Most critics agree that I'm Sorry is the best track on the album.

Lukewarm reviews likely won't hold back sales of Fastlife. Jonas still has a strong base of female fans and is sure to pick up several thousand more when he opens for Britney Spears on her European Femme Fatale tour.

"I feel like this is a good time in my life to be doing this solo project," Jonas told MTV News. "I'm just ready to play music. I've been promoting a lot and hustling around all over America and Europe, talking about the album, and now I just get to play, and that's my favorite thing to do."

"I love to make music," he said. "I'm always creating. It doesn't stop that creating bug. It's just something that I always do."

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How are you liking Joe Jonas' solo album Fastlife so far?

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Comments on "Joe Jonas solo album getting weak reviews"

Krystal November 27, 2011 | 1:36 AM

I just recently got the money to purchase this album i have been looking forward to it since see no more hit the radio. ive been a jobro fan since the beginning and when u hear the jonas brothers albums there more pop rock based. i think the solos are a big step in there careers having the chance to get there sound flavor out. anyway back on Fastlife i looooved it. its something u wouldnt expect from Joe i figured his flavor was more pop rock based but anyway i loved it and wat ive noticed from the comments that r negative r more based on -cuz its not teen Joe- joe is an adult and wants to expand the listening crowd to more ages then tweens this album will definently brodon his horizon with older crowds againg truly great album its good for a first solo album i cant wait to see wat all the jonas brothers have in store for us when they make there new Jonas Brothers album which has been confirmed album rating 9.5-10

Jan October 19, 2011 | 11:59 AM

19,000 sales for the first week is not strong considering the Jonas Brothers fan base. I think this album sounds too much like other people's music; nothing new. I loved Nick Jonas and the Administration's CD. It was a total departure from the Jonas Brothers music and showed real promise for Nick's future. I can't help feel that Nick is the most talented of the Jonas Brothers and am looking forward to stuff he does in the future. As for Joe and Kevin...not so much.

Becca October 18, 2011 | 10:39 AM

I've been a fan of the jonas brothers for years and when I heard joe was making his new album I was exited I heard see no more first and I loved it then I heard him singing Im Sorry in concert and I fell in love. But once I got the CD I was pretty suprised I wasn't expecting so much sinthisizer and barley hearing him sing. I thought it would be more slower songs I Had heard kelptomaniac and thought it was cool but I thought that would be the extent of the sinthisizer (yeh spelt wrong) and I thought Fastlife would be about his journy from group to solo was about . well it sounded like that anyway. But all over i'd give to 2 1/2 to 3 stars. Not what I was expecting.

Kyle October 12, 2011 | 12:24 PM

well, the album is not that bad but it's not good either. it's like leftover tracks of chris brown, timberlake and backstreet boys. it will still sell because of the tweens but not as many of the j. brothers.

Nicole October 12, 2011 | 11:24 AM

The album is okay, and the negative reviews aren't going to affect his sales because he has a young fanbasew that would honestly buy anything he put out as long as his name and face are on the cover. Sorry is the best song on the album, and the rest is either good, but generic or just flat out bad, i.e Love Slayer,

JD October 12, 2011 | 11:06 AM

I gave it a "check it out" listen on Spotify, and I really like this CD. It's obviously a departure from the types of music he and his brothers did, but I'm digging the dance tunes, especially "All This Time" and "Not Right Now." Interestingly, I find the song some reviewers apparently like best, "Sorry," to be the most pedestrian and "expected" track on the CD. The song is just fine, but it is not pushing any musical boundaries for Joe. Like this article said, it could be a BSB ballad - which is fine, but not noteworthy for a first foray into solo music-dom. I'm more attached to the more boundary-pushing (for Joe anhyway) dance and techno tracks. This CD is a pleasant surprise for me!

SANIA October 12, 2011 | 2:10 AM


Gina October 11, 2011 | 8:05 PM

In many cases, the reviewers did not come into the job with an unbiased, open mind. This is evidenced by the majority of the more negative reviews coming from men who think that giving any props to someone with the last name "Jonas" would threaten their credibility. There was one particular review where it took the critic a lot of words and ridiculously convoluted sentences to compliment the album, so much so that it took several reads to understand what he was saying. He clearly didn't want to come right out and say it was a good album, so he did it indirectly and in a very non-linear way. Safeguarding his "credibility" no doubt. The female critics were much more unbiased. Although it's possible that they were swayed by his extreme attractiveness, it's more likely that they didn't feel threatened. He put his heart and soul into this album. It was unnecessary for some of these critics to comment on his past personal life, especially when the only information on his relationships comes from the tabloids. Why should he be judged on how tabloids, known for their sensationalism and downright falsification, report his past? It should be about the album, not another commentary on his personal life. All in all as a first shot at a solo career, Fastlife is a solid album. He has what it takes to make this difficult transition into the world of adult pop. It would be sad if his past with Disney and that whole stupid purity ring business (which is no longer) kept people from giving him a chance. The belief that all his fans are "tweens", between the ages of 8 and 12 couldn't be more absurd. Just the sometimes-provacative lyrics on this album will tell you that this was not made for the kiddie set. He has done shows in 21+ clubs that have been very succesful. Let the man be a man, and judge him on his music. Not his past, not his personal life, not the ridiculous, inaccurate stigma that accompanies his last name. His music should stand alone, and if you take it for what it is, it really is a great piece of art.

Colleen October 11, 2011 | 5:42 PM

I get what the critics are saying in some parts like about the crazy electronic robotic sounds and about how it would work best with mild songs. But he definitely does not lack emotion while singing and this album DOES NOT totally suck. I do prefer the meaningful songs like sorry, over the crazy party songs. But that's something HE wanted to try, and coming from his spot, I think he did pretty damn good making an album like this. He was just having fun it, and the outcome came out good.

Charlotte October 11, 2011 | 3:49 PM

PMSL, His album is currently #6 on the itunes album chart... and #2 on the pop album chart. These so called weak reviews have not affected album sales... and most people are liking his album. It's just a few narrow minded people who aren't willing to give Joe a chance.

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