David Cassidy Lawsuit

David Cassidy is suing Sony for fraud and breach of contract.

David Cassidy

The original Justin Bieber wants his money. David Cassidy was once a teen idol but now's he's a ticked off plaintiff in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The star of The Partridge Family says his long-ago contract specified he receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any show merchandise bearing his image, and a smaller percentage on any other show merchandise -- but for 40 years, he claims, he has only received a paltry $5,000 on the show's $500 million in merchandise sales.

"It's just ludicrous and unfair and wrong. It's greed," Cassidy told CNN.

In a dry response to Cassidy's charges, Sony attorney Gregory Boone wrote to the singer's legal team, "It would seem as though your client does not appreciate the difference between merchandising of The Partridge Family series and merchandising using Mr. Cassidy's name, voice or likeness."

"Our right to use the name... of Mr. Cassidy in merchandise expired in the 1970s," Boone continued. "However, we continue to have the unfettered right to merchandise The Partridge Family... and Mr. Cassidy does not share in any such receipts."

But Cassidy insists his case is clear, and he has an original copy of the contract that was sealed in a box and left unopened since 1971 to prove it.

Cassidy is suing for breach of contract, open book accounting, misappropriation of right of publicity, negligent misrepresentation, civil conspiracy and constructive fraud.

This isn't the first time the singer has headed to court, although the last time was criminal, not civil: Cassidy pleaded not guilty to DUI charges in Florida last winter.

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Comments on "David Cassidy suing Sony"

Susans October 24, 2011 | 9:50 AM

David isn't complaining. He just wants what is due him. If he has a signed contract and Sony hasn't paid him, could be cut and dry. Can't really blame him. And Bryanna is right that every member of the show should be paid. However, unless their contract was similar to David's, that may not happen. His contract was "renegotiated" in the 2nd year of the show because of a "glitch"-he was a minor by CA law when the original contract was signed and his parents didn't sign the contract. Therefore it wasn't legal. The show was a hit and Sony didn't have a leg to stand on. His contract was renegotiated and this sounds like the one that was never actually paid on. GO DAVID! It's about time you were paid what is due!

Bryanna Saliba October 07, 2011 | 1:21 AM

I think every member is entitled to the payment on The Partridge Family not David only He should thank them for helping out his career not complain

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