Nic Cage's Ex Says "Go Thank Yourself"

Nic Cage’s ex Christina Fulton is releasing an album and girlfriend is not holding back about how much she hates her baby daddy. Her first single, "Thank You," dropped during an episode of MTV's Jersey Shore and the dance track is one angry tirade. Listen to it here.

Whether or not Nicholas Cage abused his wife Alice this summer or is a Civil War vampire remains to be proven, but one thing is for sure: His ex Christian Fulton has a bone to pick. With their son Weston all grown up and getting into his own brand of trouble, Fulton is telling Nic to "go thank yourself" -- and you can believe she's got other words in mind when she croons those lyrics on her aptly titled upcoming album, Uncaged.

Nic Cages ex Christina Fulton releases angry single

Cage and Fulton first hooked up back in 1988 and had son Weston in 1990. Unlike lucky Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim, however, Fulton never got Cage to put a ring on it and in 2009, she sued him for $13 million. She claimed she'd sacrifed her acting and music career to raise their son and the case was settled earlier this year for an undisclosed amount.

Apparently, the settlement didn't settle the tension, however, as Fulton is now lashing out at Cage through her music. Her new album title, Uncaged, is clearly a reference to her liberation from Papa Cage, hinting that there could be more tirades ahead.

In the meantime, her single "Thank You" leaves no one wondering how Fulton feels about her the man who plagued her with his "bad behavior," "jealous rage" and "twisted ways." Just about all the lyrics to "Thank You" are inflammatory, but here are few choice words from Fulton:

You stood there and you lied right through your teeth
You gave me your word you promised everything
You took a sweet thing with good intentions, tried to knock me off my feet
Suffocate, debilitate, suck the life out of me
You dragged me into your sick little games
I was kicking and screaming, it was all for your fame
You're not the guy that I fell for, you're the monster I left
Such a snake, my worst mistake, yea, all you made was a mess
I learned to hate what you stand for, can't believe I was blind
But you'll get yours and I'll be fine, honey, all in good time

Uncaged is scheduled for release in January 2012, with a new single expected in November.

Listen to Thank You

Want to hear what fury sounds like? Listen to Fulton's odd pairing of dance beats and hard hitting lyrics.

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Comments on "Nicolas Cage’s baby mama releases song, calls him “sick” and “twisted”"

tiffany October 05, 2011 | 9:10 AM

"Unlike lucky Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim, however, Fulton never got Cage to put a ring on it"----- lucky??? never knew being married 2 an alcoholic women beater was such an accomplishment

Patty October 05, 2011 | 8:51 AM

I smell a reality show in the making with this trio of convoluted & emotionally twisted characters. The singer has NO talent and has surpassed her opportunity to be anything in life but ride the coat tails of a immortal and twisted freak of nature. KARMA does sting and does not discriminate!

Julie Hayes October 05, 2011 | 6:23 AM

She's hoping to parlay her anger into a career, because obviously her voice won't do it. She can't sing and this song sucks. He's got more talent in his little finger than she does in her whole body. She's just bitter that she got dumped from her little gravy train. Suck it up, honey, and find your own life.

Mena Moss October 04, 2011 | 9:13 PM

Wow. I know what it is like to dislike an ex but to say that he took your singing career from you is a joke. Your voice is awful and so is the song. The lyrics should have been put in a "Dear John" or Nic letter. You'd think you'd be past the anger by now. Wish you the best Christina.

WizenedOne October 04, 2011 | 6:55 PM

1st Lisa Marie Presely slams him in her NOW WHAT cd and now baby mama Christina. are all his women left with such bitterness?

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